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2018 OH OL Blaine Scott (Ole Miss Verbal)


Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
'14 NFL Pick'em Champ
2x BP FBB Champ
‘18 Premier League Champ
Former FF Keeper Champ
Former FF The Deuce Champ
Former Hockey Champ
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East HS (Portsmouth, OH)
Ht: 6'5''
Wt: 295 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

Visited tOSU twice within the past few days & looks like one of those recruits willing to go the extra mile to earn an offer. Analysts have been raving about how he's already significantly altered his body type so you'd have to imagine his work ethic is immense. One to keep in mind for the future..

Mr. Scott is on a bit of a roll here.
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Coach Stud visited Blaine today & is excited to see him at camp in a few weeks.
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