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OC Chip Kelly (Official Thread)

1990 Columbia Defensive Backs Coach/Special Teams Coordinator
1991 Columbia Outside Linebackers/Safeties Coach
1992 New Hampshire Running Backs Coach
1993 Johns Hopkins Defensive Coordinator
1994-96 New Hampshire Running Backs Coach
1997-98 New Hampshire Offensive Line Coach
1999-2006 New Hampshire Offensive Coordinator
2007-08 Oregon Offensive Coordinator
2009-12 Oregon Head Coach
2013-15 Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach
2016 San Francisco 49ers Head Coach
2018-23 UCLA Head Coach
2024- Ohio State Offensive Coordinator

The Bruins won at least eight games in each of UCLA’s final three seasons in Westwood, but it became apparent over the past month that Kelly was looking to move on from UCLA as he interviewed for several offensive coordinator openings with NFL teams. He had not yet landed an NFL job, however, and has now seemingly decided that working for Day at Ohio State is preferable to continuing as UCLA’s head coach.

Kelly would join an offensive coaching staff that also includes former UCLA offensive coordinator Justin Frye, who was a part of Kelly’s first four staffs at UCLA before he left to become Ohio State’s offensive line coach in 2022.
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