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O-Zone (Official Thread)

Thanks to the O-Zone staff for posting some great pics and a nice article, for FREE!!!

Freshprince, what is wrong with the exercises they are doing and how could they decrease the chances of getting injured?

edit: Joe is looking like a monster and our LB's are rather scary too.
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Freshprince is obviously a better strength and conditioning coach then Al Johnson...why would anyone even insinute otherwise?

"One of the most respected and well-known names in his profession, Johnson was one of 10 strength and conditioning coaches nationwide to receive the title of Master Strength & Conditioning Coach in 2001. The award is presented on the basis of professionalism, experience, knowledge and expertise and is the highest honor a strength and conditioning coach can receive from his peers. He was named National Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year in 2002 and was inducted into the National Strength and Fitness Hall of Fame in June 2003."

I mean, it's painfully obvious that freshprince is right, and Coach Johnson is a fool who is causing our players to get injured? How can you not see this?
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I'm not sure you had to say it quite that way. I've had posters reply in an attempt to embarrass me before, and I know how it feels. Be patient with him, until he realizes that he's not at BNuts.

Just a thought. :oh: :io:
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OZone photos rock!

I sometimes forget the hard work these boys are putting in. Being a FB player at tOSU isn't all fun and games... in fact, I bet it USUALLY sucks. I admire their work ethic at their age. "Hard work today means success at some distant point in the future" is a hard thing for me to remember now, but when I was 18-21 it never even crossed my mind.

These kids are up at like 6am in February to prepare for the 4th qtr of a game in November when it all comes down to them still having more strength left than the guy across from them.

Go Bucks... keep up the hard work! (I'm going to go work out now.)
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I'm not quite sure why he had to say " the rest are pure garbage. It is no wonder why we were/are plagued by injuries."

I love the hypocrisy of message boards. A poster can say basically anything he wants about Tressel, Clarett, Woody, George Bush, Clinton, whoever. No matter how absurd it is. But if another poster dares to say something "rude" to the poster spewing crap about somebody else, then they're over the line. So basically, almost anything goes against people who are not posters, but all posters must be treated with respect.

Well I don't buy that. If you're going to say crap about Al Johnson, why don't I have the right to say something to you? If you want to say, "Let's treat everybody with respect and hold hands and sing Kumbaya" that's nice, but that should apply to people outside of the "community". Why didn't you question him for bashing our coaching staff, hmm?

I'm not ever going to be PC and if that's a problem, see ya later.
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I feel the same as Nixon. Johnson is one of the premier strength and conditioning coaches in the country. To say his exercises are garbage is ridiculous. Plyometric exercises are good both physically and mentally and are not causing injuries.
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Ohhhhhh Looooord.......Kumbaya....:rofl:

Seriously, though, don't see much wrong with what Nixon did. See more wrong with calling one of the country's top strength and conditioning coach's methods "garbage."
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Sorry Mili

That Buckeye sign reminded me of you. Great example by GameBreakers pic of how riduculous some of these exercies really are.

I know that they are trying to promote mental toughness, but at what price?

Running with 200-300+ pounds for 100 yards is just plain dumb. Lower back and spinal injuries don't tend to just go away with time, they linger. Not to mention the toll on the knees.

Wheelbarrow races are an excellent way to inflame and shred the rotator cuff and shoulder capsule.

Lets just hope these guys are not benching heavy during this "winter conditioning" period. I highly doubt that though.

Any other questions, fire away, I'll be glad to answer them.

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