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With UC firing Minter does anybody have a clue as to the list of canidates for that position? My hope and prayer are that D'Antionio is on the top of that list because of that horrible game that the D had up north. Man can the guy. :wink2:
Also how will adding a good coach down there effect OSU in getting in state kids? As well as the DL from Harrison that committed to UC?
I know Cincy is not part of the state of OH but there is some outreach here.

First off I dont think Dantonio really wants to be a head coach (i believe he has said as much before) and if he did he would have a better opportunity than UC. If they want an OSU assistant a good one would be Mel Tucker.

Back to the subject at hand tho......I really dont know what Cinci expects from their football program? I mean didnt they just go to 2 or 3 bowl games in a row??? My guess is that UC now see's its self as a rival to Ohio state now that they are in the Big East. Next year will be the first time ever that there will be two major conference football teams in the state, and UC prolly wants to take advantage of it. Most people here realize that the 'nati has little afinity for ohio state, so if UC can become a factor in a weak Big East than who knows???? they could be the Virginia Tech of this decade. This whole issue is a bit scarry to me simply because I dont even want to consider sharing in state players with another school. UC, Toledo, Miami and the rest of the Big Ten should get our leftovers, w/ the few rare exceptions when scUM steals a player.
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Fired because of his own ability to bring the program up, and then the expectations increased as well... looks like something similar is occuring with Harris at Pitt...

The Big Easy will prob. be dropped from the BcS after the 05 season, so they can enjoy two seasons in a BcS conference then back to the mid majors where they (and the big easy) belong...
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gbear- my thoughts exactly.
Is anybody going to be scared of the BIG lEAST in football any more? After you get by Pitt, WVU, Syracuse who is left? Pitt is a great program, especially since Walt took over, WVU is on the rise quickly but does UConn, or Rutgers really scare anybody? Didn't think so. I think that UC killed itself, at least cut their nose off with firing Miner. I argued with a coworker yesterday that Urban Myer would not take that job.
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Yeah I too noticed that . Meyer is one of the premiere coaches in the game right now. If I was Nebraska, I would be courting the hell out of him. Also, what do you all think about Tom Amstutz from Toledo, he always seems to have Toledo in the hunt. He kind of reminds me of a Walt Harris type of coach. He wins games that he shouldn't, but loses games that he should win. Regardless, he has done a great job at UT.

Gary Pinkel is also a great coach. My oh my, the MAC is a head coach stepping stone isn't it?
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I sometimes wonder if I am the only person that thinks MAC football is great. I would not compare it to the Big Ten or 12 but it is great quality football. Now like all other leagues there are celler dewellers and the cream of the crop but it is good competitive football. And hey I guess it might be considered a stepping stone of coaches but the Miami Redskins/hawks, have the CRADLE
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I can't picture any MAC coach taking the Cincy job, let alone Meyer leaving Utah for it. His next move is to major program.

I think the Big East made a statement with the new teams they added that they are going to be a Basketball conference first, and a Conf USA equivalent Football conference second. They will lose their BCS spot in 2005, but I look for the whole BCS structure to be redone then in any case.

I also believe that restructuring will be done in a way that pressure's ND to join a conference. None of the big boys will have quite the leverage this time around that they did when it was first formed.

As for Cincy, two years in a row OSU faces a coach in his first game for our home opener. For Cincy that is VERY bad news - and will end for some time any talk of their being on the same level as the Bucks in Football.
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Speaking of Urban Meyer....

An article in the paper yesterday stated that Meyer signed a 5-year deal with Utah, but a provision states he can leave his job at any time for a HC job at Ohio State, scUM, or ND.

Not that he'd ever be a HC at OSU, but he'd make a hell of an offensive coord. I hope he never takes the scUM job. Keep LLoyd!
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diehard - that IS interesting. I predict he ends up at ND. Ty wont last five years (fired or NFL) and we probably just made sure Lloyd will be around for a while.

Even if the OSU job did open up not sure how the fans would react to someone who wanted to coach either here or Michigan.
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Ty is not going anywhere. It will take him time to get acclamated and last year was a "fluke". This year was also a rebuilding because didn't he lose his entire starting line from last year?

Meyer will not leave Utah because that is a lateral move he will go up, either Nebraska or the likes. As for him wanting either of those jobs why didn't anybody cry that Gruden wanted to go to scUM?

Onto the BCS, yes I do believe that it will get reconfigured in the next go round. Here is my thoughts on it though. Limit the regular season to 10-11 games per team per year. Then take the top 8 schools and do the playoff from there, with the higher seed getting the home field for the first round. The second round can be held in Indy, Minny, St. Louis, Houston, Atlanta, somewhere there is a dome. Then the winners of the 2nd round go to the Championship bowl game. That way the other teams can still go to a bowl, the season is not too long, and the 8 remaining can still go to a "BCS" game and play the "losers bracket". I know that it is going to be rough limiting the schedule but the argument is that it will keep the kids out of class too long but "taking away" that extra game will allow the student to be in class if they are not in the playoff and still practice for the bowl game that they are in.
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I think if the BCS does decide to change towards a playoff, they'll just add another game after the BCS games to determine the champion. Probably have another set of BCS rankings come out after the 4 BCS bowls, then take the top 2 for a final championship game.
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UC is currently building what they call "Varsity Village". This new "Village" will not only help in the recruitment of basketball and football players but will make improvements to other sports facilities. If you've ever seen UC's facilities there's not much to talk about. Here's a link if anyone is interested:


Two names I have heard with OSU background are Dantonio and Tenuda (sp?). It's not like OSU looks at the Cincinnati area for football players as much as Cleveland, eventhough are a lot of talented young men that come from this area. All the improvements and the move to the Big East could start helping UC land guys like Bradley Glatthaar, RB from Cincinnati Elder, who is also being recruited by Louisville and West Virginia.
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