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Northwestern Series from Nick Swisher Field @ Bill Davis Stadium Columbus, OH (FIRE BEALS)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Baseball' started by brodybuck21, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 Go Bucks! Staff Member

    We are still Rose Bowl champs, that will keep me from breaking stuff.
    brodybuck21, OHSportsFan and Jaxbuck like this.
  2. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Meanwhile Illinois, ttun, etc actually care about their baseball programs
  3. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

    Fuck ttun but the other B1G programs concerns me. This program has been on a downward spiral for some time and Smith is satisfied with a damned social director.

    Fire Beals! and let us get the show on the road.

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