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Non-Buckeye ratings (as if they matter...)


It's time to bring it!
Here's a pic of WW that I mentioned in another thread. You can see the freakish SPD rating they gave him. But again, they gave him no love in the composure rating (only a single bar.)

LSU, Auburn, and USC are absolutely STACKED at RB.


Here's Adrian Peterson's rating. I think I read where he has an 85 BTK, that's too high IMO. He's an 84 OVR as OPY but TG2 is only a 78 OVR as DPY and MVP of the All-Star game??? I wonder what Teddy's ratings are if he's moved to WR...hmmmm...

OU getting a lot of love in the preseason poll. I hope that White's composure meter drops to negative bars when he faces a solid defense. That way it will accurately reflect real life :biggrin: .

And just for fun, it looks as though we match up quite well against LSU.

Another cool thing I noticed is that players have their hometowns in their profiles.
I think they were a little generous to WW in the awareness column. It's about time they added the hometown stuff to the players, or at least kept it after recruiting. Perhaps this goes along with the pipeline feature?
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methomps said:
...Perhaps this goes along with the pipeline feature?
Great point, I think that's where it's gonna be the most useful. I know that for created players we'll now have to enter their hometowns as well, so I think that makes the best sense. Someone on another site said they thought that the pipeline feature will enable itself when a team has a certain number of players on it from an area. It might exist all along, but perhaps gets stronger when more kids are on the team from the same area. I think this is one of the more intriguing features for this year, especially since noone has any definitive info on it yet.
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