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2018 NJ LB Justin Ademilola (Notre Dame Verbal)


Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
'14 NFL Pick'em Champ
2x BP FBB Champ
‘18 Premier League Champ
Former FF Keeper Champ
Former FF The Deuce Champ
Former Hockey Champ
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St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, NJ)
Ht: 6'3''
Wt: 230 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

BN $ - Ademilola twins enjoy Midwest swing

Justin was impressed by the tempo of spring practice & enjoyed meeting Coaches Meyer & Schiano, who said they will get out to their school to see them later in the spring. Justin liked the facilities & the fact tOSU is a national championship program. Plans to return in the summer & would like to attend a game in the fall.