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Head Coach
Man they played great in that second half. They got 27 pts. from their bench and lebron played great. They played great defense it was just a great win. I hope they keep this up going into the playoffs. The firing of Silas might of been the best thing to happen to this team.

I also liked the way they got out and ran the ball in the open court.
They beat the Pistons at their own game by playing very good D. Snow looked like a lock-down guard out there. Lebron played within himself and Varejao played, well, with his normal energy which is not normal. This is the type of win that could get this team rolling at a time when they really need it. It also is a sign that this team is not at all let down by Silas' firing.
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First time all year I actually saw a real substitution pattern from this team. We spread the subs in slowly allowing them to get open looks because some starters were still out there. I looked at the boxscore and looking at the minutes it was insane how even they look.

My only question is if Lucious Harris doesn't start hitting his shots with consistent playing time, will he get pulled for Welsch/Pavlovic? Also how long will he give him?
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