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New anti-spam program recommendation


Will Bryant
Staff member
I found something vastly superior (in my opinion) to saproxy. It's smaller, faster, more accurate, and takes up a fraction of the resources saproxy and saproxy pro do. It's completely free(*), it has terrific options.

Best of all, after training it for 4 days, it's now 100% accurate for me. I'm loving it. It's also ridiculously easy to set up, just follow the instructions on the website.


Note that this is (again) for POP email accounts only. Webmail (like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) will not work unless you access them through a POP3 server with a mail client like Outlook, Bloomba, Eudora, Outlook Express, etc. etc.

(*) - It is completely free, nothing is crippled, there isn't a "pro" version that offers more features for a fee, etc. The author does take donations though, and given how well the software has worked for me already, I sent him a couple bucks. So, yes, it's free -- but I wanted to include this notation. It's not an honor system, but if you use the program for a few weeks or months and just absolutely adore it, maybe send him a couple yourself if you've got it free.
I downloaded and installed it last night (had to restart my computer for it to work...I suspect it was Outlook's fault and not K9's). I haven't had time to tweak it yet, so we'll see how it works out...
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Skins: It should. My e-mail account is through my ISP (RoadRunner) and it works. As long as it is an e-mail account that you use an actual e-mail program (Outlook, etc.) to access it, then it should be OK.
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C-Dog: When I checked my e-mail this morning (late Christmas party last night, so didn't have a chance to check e-mail then) I had like 16 e-mails, all but three obvious spam, and none marked as spam. How long does this program take to "learn"? I did go into the configuration section and marked all the received spam e-mails as such...is that how is starts to "learn"?
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It's been working really well, especially after I "taught" it a few of the spam mails. I pretty much nukes all spam. They only thing I don't like about it compared to Spam Assassin is that it keeps the spam e-mails intact (unlike SA which converts the actual e-mail to an attachment and just gives you a notice with a quick text sample of the content...you then have to option of opening the e-mail if you want). With the K9 program, when you're checking the spams, you could still inadvertently open certain scripts when you mark the e-mail for deletion if you're not careful. Otherwise it's pretty good.
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I had been meaning to ask how it was working for you, glad you said something.

Agreed on saproxy turning email into attachments is a real positive. I'm at the point where I just filter spam directly into my trash folder, which is automatically emptied when I shut Outlook down. I just check the subject lines in the K9 interface, that way I don't have to actually open them at all. But still, the SAP attachment deal was a nice perk in the rare event I needed to look at the contents of the email.

I was also directed to check out something called Spybot - Search and Destroy. It's another AdAware-type program that looks for adware, spyware, malware, etc. -- but it works a little differently than AdAware. It's also free, and with it I found 17 nasty little things that AdAware hadn't caught. I was told not to replace AdAware, but rather to just use both as each is better at finding different types. So if anyone is curious about this one, it can be found at download.com, or the direct URL to the developer's site is http://www.safer-networking.org/
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