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Will Bryant
Staff member
How often do you all hit the front page? Do you find it useful? What would make it better? Obviously the stats engine will impact it a bit, mostly by way of some dynamic content (player profiles, game flashback capsules, recent boxscores, random images, etc.).

Anyway, I'm just wondering now how many people check that, whether it's before, during or after checking the forums, what else you'd like to see, and so on. I can look at the server logs, but that only tells so much of the story.
i have my setting set to the forums.....i think a post of the day/week kind of thing would be interesting to see on the front page......mostly for the newbies who are checking out the site.....

of course my incredibly insightful posts would probably dominate the front page...oh well.... :biggrin:
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I always hit the front page first (it's my home page on my home computer). It shows a quick synopsis of new posts along with any new stuff. Although my main purpose is to post in the forums, I still like going to the front page first.
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I hit the front page once or twice a day during the week. I can't log on (as a member anyway) from the library, or from work. And lots of times don't have time to hit anything else until I get home. I like the quick blurb from the new postings. Mainly I liked the news articles posted there, though of late, they aren't as up to date as maybe they could be.

Once I get home and get on line I have about three options or so, and base them on what was on the front page: 1) come to BuckeyePlanet first, 2) early in the surfing, or 3) maybe try to work it in.

Option one is when something grabs my eye, and I can't wait to get home to read about it, and usually daydream about it at the desk. It happens occasionally during the off season, but more so than usual because of the front page.
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I go through the front page frequently, but I only really pay attention to it half of the time. That's simply because about 95% of the activity is confined to the forums right now. I will definitely make use of the front page more frequently as it grows.
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