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NCAA Basketball Investigation/Lawsuit Thread (merged)

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Never Forget 31-0
NCAA Basketball Investigation Thread (merged)

In an attempt to consolidate any and all articles involving the ongoing NCAA investigation into our men's program, please post any relevant arcticles in this thread.



O'Brien's tickets heighten scandal

Saturday, February 19, 2005 Bruce Hooley
Plain Dealer Reporter
Columbus- The woman whose lawsuit triggered the firing of former Ohio State men's basketball coach Jim O'Brien received free tickets from O'Brien's personal allotment to at least three OSU games during the 1999-2000 season.

That link between Kathleen Salyers and O'Brien deepens the tie between her and the OSU coaching staff that was in place when Boban Savovic played for the Buckeyes from 1998-2002. The link also increases the likelihood the school will face a lack-of-institutional-control finding from the NCAA when it concludes its investigation of the OSU program this summer.

Salyers' $300,000 lawsuit against former employers Dan and Kim Roslovic alleges they joined with former OSU assistant coach Paul Biancardi in enlisting her help to house and provide for Savovic. The NCAA had ruled Savovic could not live with the Roslovics because they were OSU athletic boosters.

Salyers is seeking damages for the expenses of housing Savovic, which Salyers contends was the result of a verbal contract between her and the Roslovics.

James Zeszutek, O'Brien's attorney at the time of his firing, originally contended O'Brien never met Salyers and did not know her. Zeszutek later allowed the possibility that the two might have met, but without the coach's knowledge that Salyers was housing Savovic and providing for him.

Zeszutek said Friday night he no longer represents O'Brien.

Records obtained from Ohio State by The Plain Dealer on Friday show O'Brien controlled 30 seats in Value City Arena, two of which Salyers had in her possession for games against Duquesne, Oakland University and American University in December 1999.

OSU Athletic Director Andy Geiger said Friday night that OSU could face a lack-of-institutional-control finding from the NCAA, "but until all this is over, we won't know for sure."

Geiger declined comment on Salyers being given tickets from O'Brien's personal allotment, and on the content of Salyers' Web site at KathleenSalyers.com.

That site, which debuted Friday, displays records from Biancardi's cell phone that show a flurry of calls to the Roslovics, O'Brien, Salyers and New York agent Spomenko Pajovic on the days when Salyers alleges arrangements were made for Savovic to live with her.

Salyers' Web site also contains photographs of Savovic and former OSU recruit Alek Radojevic at her home; one photograph each of Pinnacle Management founder Marc Cornstein and Pajovic; and two Mother's Day cards from Savovic, including one that reads: "Kathy: Thanks for support you [sic] giving me in everything, and all things you did for me. But most thanks for letting me in your family and except [sic] me like a son. . . I can proudly say that I have two mothers. I LOVE YOU."

In a statement Savovic released on July 19, he claimed to have lived with Salyers for "a four-to-five week period in the summer of 1998 before school began and the dormitory was unavailable" and said she was "obsessive and continually attempted to interject herself into my life."

Salyers' lawsuit is scheduled for a jury trial in August, but could be delayed because Biancardi has yet to submit to a deposition.

Salyers' deposition disclosed details of an arranged $6,000 payment from O'Brien to Radojevic, leading to O'Brien's firing on June 8.

O'Brien has since sued Ohio State for between $3.4 million and $6 million, charging he was wrongfully fired before the conclusion of the NCAA investigation related to Savovic's playing career and Radojevic's recruitment.

Columbus attorney Joseph Murray, who represents O'Brien in his lawsuit against Ohio State, did not return a telephone message left at his office.

Salyers' Web site also contains answers to questions regarding her lawsuit and an e-mail address where she can be contacted.

"I wanted to be able to present my side of the story fairly and truthfully," Salyers said. "I want people to be able to see the facts. I want to give them an opportunity to get involved anonymously, to view the Web site in the hopes that somebody might come forward with additional information."

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:

[email protected], 216-999-4748
This is not a good development in this ongoing saga. :(
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Watching. Always watching.
Staff member
It is simply unbelievable the lengths that this woman will go to! :ohwell: :bones:

I went to the site and took a look at the pictures. I kept expecting Jerry Springer to appear any second, but no such luck. Suppose he was holding the camera? :sleep1:
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
If this is all there really is to it, and we miss the NCAA tournamnent via our self-imposed ban despite otherwise qualifying, then I would think the NCAA wouldn't hit us with additional sanctions. Geiger did the right thing in self-imposing, rather than to wait on the NCAA to take action.
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Steve19 said:
It is simply unbelievable the lengths that this woman will go to! :ohwell: :bones:

I went to the site and took a look at the pictures. I kept expecting Jerry Springer to appear any second, but no such luck. Suppose he was holding the camera? :sleep1:
The woman wouldn't be in a position to say anything if not for the actions of O'Brien. Regardless of his intentions - whatever they were - he fucked up, and OSU is paying for it.
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Mr. Such and Such
i think its quite telling that OB's first attorney is no longer representing him. He isnt going to win this lawsuit, especially if the NCAA hands down further postseason bans.

I would have to think that the most osu could be banned is one more year.

however, these developments coupled with matta not having signed his contract yet could be worrisome.
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No mercy
This can ONLY be limited to our BBALL program right? Growing up in the C.O. I know we are a 70% college football - 30% College Basketball type town, but I would hate for this to spread into other athletics. I love my O-State BBALL just as much, and I am very dissapointed of all this news..:( Hopefully we can turn it all around.
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Watching. Always watching.
Staff member
Misanthrope said:
The woman wouldn't be in a position to say anything if not for the actions of O'Brien. Regardless of his intentions - whatever they were - he fucked up, and OSU is paying for it.

Agreed. 100%.

However, this does not make the website any less disgusting. Is she really of such international consequence as to require a website? Does the site give readers a correct impression when it says the suit against the Roslovics is about a "contractual verbal agreement initiated in OSU's basketball offices"? Is the purpose of this website really "to offer to any interested people the truth about my lawsuit against Dan and Kim Roslovic"? And what can be the objective of a statement such as "This lawsuit has lead to various repercussions concerning Ohio State University, its mens basketball program and its athletic program in general. This site also offers an opportunity for anyone who may have any additional information to come forward and share the truth with all of us."?

I have no problem with Kathleen Salyers suing the Roslovics, Ohio State, or anyone else. It is her right in a democracy to seek redress if she believes she is wronged. I do have a problem with anyone who attempts to dig up dirt on others to do them wrong. People couldn't go to the NCAA or to the President of The Ohio State University? We need a housekeeper/nanny and her attorney to sort out OSU athletics?

I'm with Misanthrope. If O'Brien was clean, if Ohio State athletics is clean, then we don't have these problems. But when we get to the point of people putting up websites such as this, we have reached a point where the lawyers are standing in line to get the scoop on the latest player who let a friend pick up the tab at Wendy's.

I think this may be a historic moment that we tell our grandchildren about...we were there to witness the birth of Jerry Springer's next career step!
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