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NCAA 2005 - 12 game schedule?

BrutuStrength said:
Did you alter your schedule before the year? I believe the default is set for 11 games and a bowl game. I'm guessing that this isn't a bowl game.
I don't think I altered the schedule before the year but I might have accidently when looking for redshirts. OK, so I am insane and we can leave it at that :-)
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No lloydman was right, something is 'FUBAR'. I just got back from my friends house and if you sim two or three seasons into the future you will run into it where they schedule a game after the michigan game. On my friends copy Oregon was scheduled for 2 weeks after the michigan game and he tried to change it but it wouldn't allow him becuase doing so would have put Oregon under the minimum of 11 games for the season, so he was stuck with it. Then the next season arizona was scheduled after the mich game and again he couldn't change it. It is messed up and unexcuseable on EA's part to botch something like that.

...apparently his game wasn't the only one in which this happened, I just saw this pic on another thread
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Well, it's time to go ape-shit!

I'm entering season 3, and like clockwork, I'm getting the same problem as everyone else. I've tried scheduling that team earlier in the year - won't let me. I've tried saving right before the schedule is generated, and reloading my dynasty until a correct schedule appears - no dice. I've tried just about every creatvie solution I can think of. It would be nice if EA would publish a patch - but they probably didn't build any hooks into the game because they are jackasses. If anybody comes across a solution of some kind, fill us in.

EDIT: OK, I've got it!!!!! You have to repeatedly reload your dynasty until a favorable schedule appears. To do this in the most efficient manner possible - during the offseason, make sure you save your game right after setting your depth chart - the next to last step on the Offseason Schedule. Then, set aside about 45 minutes to keep reloading and checking your dynasty - being careful not to overwrite your previous save. It's a real pain in the ass, but for the hardest of the hardcore fans like myself (and I presume many others here), it's definitely worth it compared to the alternative.
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