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Najee Harris (RB Alabama Crimson Tide)

MD Buckeye

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Antioch (CA)
Ht: 6'1.5"
Wt: 210 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

CoachBDud ‏@CoachBDud
Ohio State #Buckeyes have offered Antioch RB Najee Harris
Hard to argue with this kid being the #1 recruit in the country.

He runs around, runs through, and hurdles over would-be tacklers in seemingly equal proportion. Power, speed, shiftiness, prototypical size.

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BN $ - Ohio State visit now definite for Country's No. 1 prospect

Assistant coach Brett Dudley says the flights have now been booked & they will be arriving in Columbus on April 14th (Thursday). They will be attending the spring game on the 16th & then head back to California on the 17th.
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