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hipster doofus
What was the last CD/Record you listened to without skipping songs? Mine: U2 - The Joshua Tree. What's the newest one you've bought that you can listen to w/o skipping songs? Mine: R.E.M. - In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003.
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nin / the Fragile was the most recent one, but u2 / the Joshua Tree was the last one before that. SEAL IV was the last cd I bought and listened to all the way through. Whether or not I can or will in the future is as of yet undetermined.
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First thing I do with a new CD is rip it to MP3 and load the songs I like into one or more Ipod playlists. No longer a reason to be constrained by the way CDs are packaged.
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I am with you. I own a Zen with about 25GB of music and audio books on it.

I like to hit random play when I work out. I can hear country, disco, rock and a spanish lesson in succession. Some albums I ripped as single songs. Others that I am not sure how I officially acquired I get the entire album as one mp3. I am hoping all this jumping around is helping my creativity?

The last CD in my truck I listened to completely through was an audiobook review. That was probably the last one I bought also.
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nola - the idea of listening to a Spanish lesson sandwiched between a Disco track and a Country track would turn me off working out for good. :)

If you really want to give your brain a workout try 'shuffle' with one of those books on disk. Kind of like watching the movie Memento.
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I am lucky. When doing the starimaster I get a view of 4 TV's and the pool. The weight room is enclosed in mirrors and usually has quite a few hot young things running around. Sometimes I do not hear what is on!
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