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The North Remembers

There's a thread in the "Open Discussion" room about CDs people have playing in their cars, which made me realize that everyone has a taste and view in music.

An idea I have is maybe there could be a music board, where everyone can discuss and introduce new music to people who wouldn't know about it.

It's just an idea. I think it would be cool to share the varrying types of music out there amongst fellow BPers.
If there's enough interest, I'd be happy to throw that together. At the moment I wonder if it's enough of a subject in of itself to sustain a dedicated forum, but I can't be inside everyone's head. One of you (or someone else) toss a poll together in Open Discussion asking whether a dedicated forum should be made, or if that chatter should stay in OD. If it's clearly swung in favor of a new board, I'm all over it.

Only reason I'd like to see a popular opinion poll about it (or other new forums) is I want to make sure we're not fragmenting the conversation too much. Right now a music thread on OD might get more attention than on a subforum. On the other hand, there may well be enough interest that the subforum would get enough traffic to drive convo.
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Speaking of music, I know we have some O.A.R. Fans out there. They just signed a new act, louque, to their Everfine Records label. Definitely check them out. Pretty cool vibe.

From O.A.R.'s official site....

We are very excited to announce the CD release of the newest member of the Everfine Records family. So Long, louque's debut album, is available now in stores and at Awarestore.com. (If you do not see a popup window in a few seconds, go here: http://buzztone.atlanticrecords.com/lr/louque/

"louque is a welcome addition to the Everfine family. Worldly yet innocent, earthy yet street, So Long is an organic melting pot of many styles which are blended together in a pleasant and seamless manner. This is a very impressive first effort conceived by a group from whom more great music is sure to come." - Jerry DePizzo

Dustan Louque (pronounced "Luke") originally hails from Grand Point, Louisiana, but moved north to explore the uber-hip musical hot-bed of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He brought his multifaceted life experiences with him, and poured his storied life into a vibrant, eclectic debut album, So Long. Unlike many singers today, Dustan's sweet vocal delivery is fueled by pure vitality, while effortlessly combining elements of soul, Jamaican dancehall, trip-hop, funk and New Orleans street beats into a wholly unique sound he calls "Faya." The polished album led to louque recently being proclaimed one of the best new bands of 2004 by Esquire Magazine, stating that with his "sun-drenched voice, louque's future looks bright." For more information on louque go to http://www.louquemusic.com/
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