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21st Century Buckeye Man
Staff member
Since we seem to have mainly sane folks here, and I haven't seen anyone trolling, I'd like to ask you all which team's fans do you hate the most and why?

For me, it is a tough question because I hate ND fans and scUM fans due to their arrogance. I hate Miami fans since they are without a doubt the biggest group of crybabies. But if I had to pick a top most hated, I'd go with ND fans. On top of the arrogance is an underlying holier-than-thou attitude that grates me like a pair of sandpaper underwear.
On the internet I would go with Cryami fans. A bunch of mindless candy asses that hide behind their computers. Most of their "fans" started following them in the late 80's becuase they were wannabe thugs like the players... now all they do is thump their chest from behind a key board.

I don't know if I could single out group in person. I always find more good fans than bad fans at the games. You just have to weed through the bad ones and take them for what they are worth. Although ND fans are pretty bad when they actually win more than 5 games in a season.

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The fans?

Notre Dame

The Team scUM!!!!!!!

Fan Hate:

1) Notre Lame
2) Cryami
3) scUM
4) MScUm
5) USCum
6) Then the State of Florida
7) The State of California
8) Tennecheat
9) Geourgia
10) PScUm

Team Hate

1) scUM
2) MScUm
3) Tennecheat
4) Notre Lame
5) Cryami
6) Nubruska
7) USCum
8) Oklahoma
9) Free Shoes U
10) UFla-mers
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From my Internet experience and my contact with them in Tempe I have to mvote for Miami - although USC is coming on strong.

I also have to admit that - based on my visits to other boards - OSU fans can be pretty obnoxious.
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Everybody's obnoxious when they're rooting against you. But I have to agree that Miami fans are the worst. After that, michigan fans. And it isn't college football, but Dallas Cowboy fans piss me off.
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DEBuckeye - I agree with the Dallas Cowboys fans. They really tick me off too. Even though I'm a Browns fan, I was always very happy to see the Steelers whip the Landry/Staubach led Cowboys in the Super Bowl.
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My only real contact with opposing fans have been on the internet. Miami fans have been by far the worse. Notre Dame has some arrogant fans also and now USC is quickly approaching that level. I would have to agree with Oh8ch on Ohio State fans being obnoxious. That guy with boston415 in his name that posts on bucknuts likes to troll on other sites and gives OSU fans a bad name.
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The SoCal fans are as arrogant as any now, but the worst combination of arrogance and annoyance is Miami. At least Michigan fans have some reason for being arrogant with their overall history (but I still hate 'em).
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DEBuckeye said:
Everybody's obnoxious when they're rooting against you. But I have to agree that Miami fans are the worst. After that, michigan fans. And it isn't college football, but Dallas Cowboy fans piss me off.

Give me a break, guys. I've been a Cowboys' fan since I was 8 yrs. old. I do agree with you a little, tho. I spend a little time year round on their web site, but can't stay too long on their messege boards.
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Most Arrogant fans.....

USC hands down! Mililani while and you other Buckeye fans are evidently new to the realization of Trojan arrogance we alumni of the other Pac-10 schools are well acquainted with it. What is quite amazing about the attitude is that it is present even when their football team is crappy! At least in the past two years they have had real reason to be arrogant. That being said I am looking forward to having the Trojans come to Pullman this year. I just hope that we can treat them to some really cold weather and an ass kicking!

Go Cougs!
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USC fans are the most arrogant fans I've come across on these boards. Miami's fans are the most vile. I actually dislike their fans more than scUM fans however nothing makes me sicker than maize and blue :scum4:
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This is a no-brainer. :scum3:

Funny true story. I was on vacation visiting friends near Wilmington, NC. We all go over to visit a friend of theirs who I'd never met at her apartment. So we go in, and she seems normal and friendly. As she's showing us around, it becomes immediately apparent that there is a lot of Michigan crap around. I disgustedly grunt, "Michigan."

She replied defensively, "And WHAT is wrong with Michigan? You're not some Ohio a-hole are you?"

"Yes I am, and Michigan sucks."

"I was in the band at Michigan. We were treated like total crap by the fans when we went to Columbus. I hate everything about Ohio State."

"Good. You deserved it."

Basically it went downhill from there. :bicker: :biggrin:

You've heard of love at first sight. We were hatred at first sight. Because of our mutual friends, I ended up around that awful woman for three days. I have never met a more utterly annoying person in my life. No doubt she felt the exact same way about me.

That ESPN commercial is 100% nauseating, btw. :mad1:
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When I was at tOSU the most hated fans were scUM and Purdue. Now, I would leave those two on my list but add, notre dame, cryami and FSUCKS. Living in the Sunshine State is hard because of all the cryami and FSUCKS idiots. Hell, they are coming out of the f'n woodwork down here.
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