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All Galaxy
'14 NCAA Pick'em Champ
Been so involved with Fantasy FB that I've had no time for anything else. Boy, you can really get caught up in that. Then
missing the playoffs by 6 pts. broke my heart :mad2: Came back to Bucknuts only to find that I'd been kicked out, and I hadn't even posted over there for a couple months! Re-uped under
another name. Glad to see that I'm still welcome here. :cheers:
No idea. After I regestered again with new user name and
under my other email address, I went thru the names of all
the members (must have REALLY been bored that evening),
and I was gone. Couldn't even pull up any of my past threads.
Sorta like that movie "The Net". Somebody didn't like me. :confused:
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Sounds like you should send an email to the administartion over there and see what's up.

When you log in at BN's under RAMdrvr1, does it give you a message stating that you've been banned from the community? And, if you're so inclined, what's your new moniker?
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I did try to contact them, but just got a form letter email back letting me know that if I've been removed that they are not
obligated to tell me why.
Until someone gets fed up with me again, I'll be known as
"LoveStinks". Was listening to J.Geils while re-uping, and it just
happened. :ohwell:
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