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an imbecility, a stupidity without name
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DiHard said:
its a time bomb ticking until i get banned......before i get banned i would just like to thank the following:

Lol, that's not what the warning system will be about. It's only going to get used for very specific things, and by very specific people. No worries. And I know you're kidding, but I want to say it to everyone anyway. 99.9% of the people here will never even know it's there.

What it will do is allow the moderators to keep tabs on the more severe problem children. Say someone is making a mess of the recruiting forum, and gets a warning from Bucknutty. And a couple weeks later goes into the political forum and gets warnings from Prof and Strength. They'll be able to see that this person had the same issues elsewhere, and see how and when they were warned for it. A few days later, he's making the same mess in the general forum, and a mod there who doesn't visit either Political or Recruiting was just going to warn him since he didn't know the poster has been a mess elsewhere. But given the history, this warning puts the user in question over the top, and the mod (who doesn't have the *individual* ability to ban) puts the user over the top on warning points, and a 3-day ban is automatically laid down. I'm made aware at that time, and can track any more warnings the user gets when he/she returns. If the problems continue, I can decide to place a longer ban, or a permanent removal.


And I need to continue troubleshooting the "office filter" so, **** ****.


And again, to see if the issue isn't the hack, but rather my MSIE cache... **** ****.


It's not the local cache, is it the master setting? Fuck shit.


One more time and I know it's something in the code relating to string replacement... Fuck shit.
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Will Bryant
Staff member
Thanks. :wink:

So these are more or less notes to myself, because I don't have the wind to keep going tonight, but should give you all an idea of where everything stands.

Moved this to its own thread so I can get to it easily.
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Will Bryant
Staff member
DaytonBuck said:
Thanks, Clarity you go above and beyond the call of duty

Thanks. Hey, if you're still around (or if anyone is), will you try turning on User-Optional Censorship (User CP > Edit Options > Third Main Option Block Down (Thread Display Options) > Censor Type (2nd up from the bottom).

That should be defaulting to "None". Set it to "Censor posts using the forum's list of words" and see if the following looks any different;

fuck shit ass asshole

But that these do NOT look any different;

password glass class bass sass
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out of chaos comes playoffs
i just checked.

i was profanity off by default, i turned it on and it showed up as it should.

bass, sass, and whatnot all showed up even with the filter on.

seems to work fine.

edit: it is late and i wasn't very clear. my default was set for me to show ****face instead of fuckface.
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Head Coach
Hi Clarity!

My default was to censor. Oddly, "ass" was not censored but everything else in the first group was.

I changed it to "none" and saw everything. Potty mouth! :biggrin:

After changing it back to "censor," the first group was censored (including "ass") but the second group was still there.

Hope that helps...
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Will Bryant
Staff member
Okay, thanks to both of you. Just need to figure out how to fix the default. I want censorship off by default since that's what we've had all along. But it sounds like the functionality at least is fixed.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
Fuckin' C-Dog loads up all this neat shit while I'm out trying to exercise off this beer gut. Fucker. Hey, let's see if I can see my obsceneties...maybe I can give myself a warning, too.
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