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This question actually got me laughing pretty hard. It was about as stupid as a co-worker of mine asking a customer who was from originally from Liverpool, England if she knew any of the "Beatles" family members.

Mililani is a pretty decent sized place. It's not like it's Gilligans Island.
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Not a majority of people do it, but I’ve seen/heard it happen many times: when someone finds out that you are from a certain place, they ask, “Do you know such and such?” It happened to me many times while in the service. “Oh, you’re from Ohio, do you know John Brown?” “Why yes, I do, I know everyone in Ohio!”
Anyway, while stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, sitting in a little snack shop, it happened. Again. I knew the routine, and tried not to be rude.
He: Where you from?
Me: Ohio
He: Where in Ohio?
Me: Well, do you know where Toledo is…?
He: Never mind that, are you Steve Might?
Me: <….>
He: From Fostoria?
Me: …Yeah…who are you?
Turns out he graduated in ’72 (two years before me) from my high school.

It happened again in a bar in Daytona Beach in 1993. Guy I graduated high school with saw and recognized me. Turns out he had been living there since graduation, and a coupla three times a year he would see someone he knew from Ohio. Ends up he’s the manager of the local Hooters, so the next night my wife and I eat and drink for free.
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Mightbeabuck: The thing that got me when I told folks I was in the Air Force was when they asked me, "Are you a pilot?" Yeah, everyone in the USAF is a qualified fighter pilot, just like everyone in each airlines is a qualified 747 pilot. I did run into a classmate (Fitch, class of '75) when I was TDY to Korea (Kwang Ju) in '87. I saw they guy's face from across the hanger and thought, "I know that guy", and when I approached him and saw his name tag, I knew exactly who he was. In fact, I took a science class with his sister. Small world sometimes.
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