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Games like this are the future of college ball unless schollie limits go back up.

What I can't believe about the Winslow catch was that WVU called a blitz instead of pulling LBs into coverage on 4 and 13.
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I honestly don't have a problem blitzing in that situation. As much as you see the prevent and teams rushing 3 or 4 guys it was refreshing to see them bring the house. It didn't work but I respected the call. It would have been nice if they would have forced Berlin into a quicker decision but Miami's O-line picked up the blitz well.

Edit: I agree about that talent gap being bridged, mentioned it over at Bucknuts. Miami was just not athletically dominant like we're used to seeing.
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antosu: I wish I could agree with you, partner, but I don't think Miami will get dinged for almost losing at home against a clearly weaker team (as we did after the SDSU game).

I hope you're right, though. :wink:
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