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Memo to Larry Brown: Start Lebron James


Beer is God's proof that he loves us.
The starting 5 for USA Basketball from the preliminary games needs to change for the real Olympic games. Starting two short guards in Iverson and Marbury isn't cutting it. Brown needs to put Lebron James in the game more! He is the best finisher on fast breaks and is quite simply the smartest player on Team USA, outside of Tim Duncan, who should never leave the floor in a tight game. Lebron cleans up those boards too--the rest of the world cannot contain this player.

The three rooks--Lebron, Carmello, and Wade--all bring a lot of energy into the games when they get in. But for some reason, Wade is getting called for travelling when he isn't, and Carmello is showing flashes of greatness and flashes of silliness. If Carmello can be more consistent, he's the best small forward on the team.

This is the best starting 5 in my opinion:

Lebron James
Allen Iverson
Richard Jefferson (or Carmello Anthony)
Lamar Odom
Tim Duncan
Every time Lebron is on the floor they go on a mini-run. I would start him to. Mello is one of the best on the floor but he is trigger happy. He has the same mentality that the young Jordan and Kobe had. Lebron is an athletic Magic Johnson. Sometimes I wish Lebron would assert himself more on the offensive end because nobody can stop him from getting to the basket.
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As much as i hate to say it, Boozer needs to be in that starting lineup. He knows a lot about being a role player and he can grabs the boards. Furthermore, he looks for the ball when another player penetrates. I've become frustrated with players watching the paint dry down there, and letting the ball slide through theirs hands when it comes to them.

My starting five:

Duncan Boozer Marbury (starting to really run that fast break) Lebron Iverson
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To have a snowball's chance in hell, go back in time and get Michael Redd on the team somehow so you have someone who can hit from outside...plus he's a Buckeye! Then find a PG who doesn't turn the ball over or throw up a brick 75% of the time down the floor. Then find a big man who can score from outside to make up for the extended lanes.

If you cannot go back in time, start LeBron. Press every team that doesn't have a point guard who can break a trap (i.e. every team without an NBA point guard). Use your athletes to turn the game into a horse race. And if anyone throws up an airball, dust off a seat on the bench.

And pray...
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The Sleepwalk Team is up 57-53 at the end of the third. They're shooting like shit...20 of 49 from the field, and that's with Duncan hitting 6 of 7 and James hitting 4 of 5. That means the rest of the team has shot 10 of 37 (27%) from the floor. What the fuck is that?
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