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2005 ELITE 125 JUNIOR ALL-AMERICANS<o =""></o>
<o =""></o>

OFFENSE<o =""></o>
Quarterback – Zach Frazer^ 6-5, 225, 4.7, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Mechanicsburg</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">PA</st1:state></st1>– Frazer completed 285 of 441 passes for 3,674-yards and a State Record 27 touchdowns. He passed for more touchdowns in a regular season than Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, or Chad Henne. His pass completion percentage was a fantastic 64.6 percent and he was selected to the 3A All-State Team and he was also selected as the 3A Player of the Year.<o =""></o>

Quarterback – Matthew Stafford^ 6-3, 210, 4.7, Dallas Highland Park, TX – Although he had an off year with injuries, from his sensational sophomore season, <st1 ="">Stafford</st1> will still be one of the top quarterbacks in the country. After passing for 3,180-yards and 38 touchdowns as a sophomore, he completed 129 of 258 passes for 1,748-yards and 18 touchdowns as a junior.
<u2 =""></u2>

<u2 =""></u2>Quarterback - D'Vontrey Richardson^ 6-1, 210, 4.5, Leesburg Lee Co, GA - Richardson is the best Michael Vick clone that I have seen since the real one. He runs left and right with great ease, but when he wants to throw the football, he can really hum it in there. He has over 20 offers to play quarterback and I think that he can. He already has offers from Clemson, Florida State, Ohio State, Alabama, and Auburn,<o =""></o>

Quarterback – Jevan Snead 6-4, 205, 4.6, <st1:city u1:st="on">Stephenville</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state> – Snead took <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Texas</st1> </st1:state>by surprise as he completed 175 of 301 passes for 3,025-yards, 23 touchdowns, and a 58% passing completion, while rushing for 518-yards and another 14 touchdowns. He already has offers from <st1 =""><st1:state u1:st="on">Oklahoma, Auburn, Texas</st1:state></st1> and Texas A&M and he will receive a lot more. (2006 All-American Bowl)<u2 =""></u2>

Quarterback – Mitch Mustain^ 6-3, 200, 4.62, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Springdale</st1:city>,</st1> Mustain completed 139 passes out of 222 attempts for 2,164-yards and 20 touchdowns. He also rushed for 333-yards and scored another 14 touchdowns. <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Springdale</st1></st1:city> was so powerful this year that they had a “Mercy-Rule” in 10 out of 13 games and Mustain did not play in the second quarter of any of those games. He had a 63% pass completion record.

Quarterback – Tim Tebow^ 6-3, 225, 4.6, Ponte Verda Beach Nease, FL – Tebow completed 244 of 402 passes for 4,304-yards and 46 touchdowns with only an amazing six interceptions. He also rushed for 1,272-yards and scored 25 touchdowns. This southpaw broke the State Record for total offense with 5,576-yards and he accounted for an eye-popping 71 touchdowns. He was 3A Player of the Year.<u2 =""></u2>

Quarterback – Demetrius Jones 6-3, 190, 4.5, Chicago Morgan Park, IL – Jones is an outstanding athlete who passed for 2,308-yards and 24 touchdowns while running for 1,100-yards and 16 touchdowns. This kid is a gifted athlete who could play another position, but all of his offers right nown are for quarterback. I think that he can be a "big-time" college quarterback.<o =""></o>

Quarterback – Neil Caudle^, 6-3, 205, 4.65, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Hoover Spain Park</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">AL</st1:state></st1>Although his junior season was cut short a knee injury, Caudle still completed 129 of 200 passes for 1,624-yards, 15 touchdowns, and a great 65% pass completion rate.<u2 =""></u2>

Quarterback – Jeremy Ricker^ 6-2, 205, 4.6, Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt, PA – Ricker is a great Playmaker on a very talented high school team. He completed 107 of 176 passes for 1,900-yards and 17 touchdowns. Ricker is just as good when throwing on the run as in the pocket. He is a great Playmaker.<o =""></o>

<u2 =""></u2>Quarterback – Pat Devlin^ 6-3, 196, 4.8, Exton Downingtown East, PA – Devlin completed 147 of 231 passes for 2,237-yards and 21 touchdowns as a junior after he had 2,913-yards passing and 27 touchdowns as a sophomore. He was selected to the 4A All-State as a junior. On film, he demonstrates a very strong arm and good mobility.<o =""></o>

<u2 =""></u2><o =""></o>

Quarterback – Josh Freeman^ 6-5, 220, 4.7, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Grandview</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">MO</st1:state></st1>. Freeman passed for 2,400-yards and 26 touchdowns as a junior and he is one of the hottest quarterback prospects in the country. He had a 67% completion record. He already has several offers.<u2 =""></u2>

Running Back – LaSean McCoy^ 5-10, 195, 4.25, Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt, PA – McCoy rushed for 2,861-yards and 33 touchdowns. He was selected to the Large Schools All-State Team and also was selected as the 4A Player of the Year. McCoy is a real phenom on a talented team with a lot of D-I players on it.<o =""></o>

Running Back – Knowshon Moreno^ 5-11, 206, 4.44, Middletown South, NJ – Moreno had a sensational season as he led his team to a perfect 12-0 record, scored 40 touchdowns, rushed for 2,030-yards, and averaged 9.3-yards per carry.<u2 =""></u2>

<u2 =""></u2>

Running Back – DeMarco Murray^ 6-1, 190, 4.4, <st1:city u1:st="on">Las Vegas</st1:city> <st1:city u1:st="on">Gorman</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">NV</st1:state> <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Murray</st1></st1:city> is an outstanding running back, but he also is great coming out of the backfield. He averaged 9.14-yards as a junior in carrying the football, but he has also averaged 17.8-yards in catching passes coming out of the backfield.<u2 =""></u2>

Running Back – Javarris James 6-0, 208, 4.4, <st1:city u1:st="on">Immokalee</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">FL</st1:state> – James is another “small-school phenomenon” from <st1 =""><st1:state u1:st="on">Florida</st1:state></st1>. He was selected to the 2A All-State Team as a junior after leading his team to the 2A State Championship. James, whose cousin in Edgerrin James, has already picked-up some very impressive scholarship offers including Miami, Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Florida.<u2 =""></u2>

Running Back – Emmanuel Moody^ 6-1, 200, 4.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Coppell</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state></st1> – Moody rushed for 1,319-yards, 12 touchdowns, and a 7.5-yards per carry average. He is considered to be the #1 running back in Texas for the 2005 season and he already has early offers from <st1:state u1:st="on">Texas, Texas A&M,</st1:state> Texas Tech, Oklahoma, LSU, and Georgia Tech.<u2 =""></u2>

<u2 =""></u2>

Running Back – Evan Royster 6-0, 200, 4.35, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Centreville Westfield</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">VA</st1:state></st1>. Royster is a sensational running back who rushed for 2,167-yards as a junior and scored 30 touchdowns. He now has 4,584-yards and 61 touchdowns in his career.

Running Back – C.J. Cable 6-1, 195, 4.4, <st1:city u1:st="on">Sylmar</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">CA</st1:state> – Cable is an outstanding two-way player from the <st1 =""><st1 ="">Left</st1> <st1 ="">Coast</st1> </st1>and he could be the #1 athlete on the West Coast. As a junior, he rushed for 2,023-yards, scored 23 touchdowns, and averaged 11.2-yards per carry. He also caught 14 balls and averaged 16.4-yards per catch. On defense, he recorded 81 tackles and four picks.

Running Back – Jamaal Evans^ 5-8, 185, 4.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Irving</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state></st1> – Evans rushed 276 times for 2,103-yards, scored 25 touchdowns, averaged 7.62-yards per carry, and scored 150 points. In his first two years, Evans has already recorded 4,556-yards and has scored 53 times.<u2 =""></u2>

Running Back – Benny Tate^, 5-11, 195, 4.35, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Newark Snow Hill</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">MD</st1:state></st1> – Tate played at another school as a junior when he rushed for 2,886-yards on 286-yards and scored 41 touchdowns with a10.0 yards per carry average. His dad, Benny Tate Senior, bought a new house out of the District, forcing him to have to change schools for his senior season. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>
<u2 =""></u2>

Tailback – Cordera Eason 6-1, 240, 4.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Meridian</st1:city></st1>, MS – Eason may be the biggest and fastest running back on the planet. In only eight games as a junior, he rushed for 1,100-yards and averaged 13.2-yards per carry. He still made the 5A All-State Team. He already looks like he could suit-up for the Patriots or Eagles right now. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Tailback – Charles Scott^ 6-1, 225, 4.43, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Jonesboro-Hodge</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">LA</st1:state></st1> – Scott is a sensational two-way athlete who could play on either side of the ball in college. On offense, he rushed for 1,623-yards, scored 18 rushing touchdowns, and also returned three kickoffs for touchdowns. On defense, he recorded 109 tackles, 12 sacks, and returned a fumble for a touchdown. <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Oklahoma</st1></st1:state> and LSU have already offered him at tailback. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Tailback – JoJo Cox 5-10, 225, 4.35, Jeffersonville Twiggs Co, GA – Cox rushed for 1,862-yards in only eight games as he averaged 232.8-yards per game and he also scored 15 touchdowns. He is one of the top tailbacks in America and he already has offers from Clemson, Maryland, and Tennessee. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Tailback - Andre Harris^ 6-1, 220, 4.45, Woodland Hills Taft, CA - Harris is just now transferring from Pacific Palisades Charter to Taft. Although his team did poorly, he rushed for 918-yards, and averaged a nice 8.67-yards per carry. Harris also returned an interception 99-yards for a touchdown. With a new school, Harris could become one of the top tailbacks in the country.

Tailback – Toby Gerhart 6-0, 215, 4.44, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Norco</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">CA</st1:state></st1> – Gerhart rushed for 2,210-yards, scored 27 touchdowns, and averaged 8.2-yards per carry. He was selected to the All-CIF Team for the second year.<u2 =""></u2>

Tailback – Richard Murphy^ 6-1, 197, 4.45, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Rayville</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">LA</st1:state></st1> – Before he got hurt in the third game of the playoffs, Murphy was unstoppable as he rolled-up 2,147-yards and scored 24 touchdowns. His 13.6-yards per carry average is one of the top performances in the country and he was selected to the 2A All-State Team.

Tailback - Brandon Minor 6-2, 210, 4.47, Richmond Varina, VA - Minor had a sensational junior season in which he rushed for 2,091-yards on 196 carries, scored 30 touchdowns, and averaged 10.8 yards per carry. He already has early offers from Michigan, Nebraska, NC State, and Penn State.

Fullback – Chris Wells 6-1, 222, 4.5, Akron Garfield, OH – Wells who has already committed to <st1 =""><st1 ="">Ohio</st1></st1> State, rushed for 1,939-yards, scored 23 touchdowns, and rushed for 237-yards in his last playoff game. Wells averaged 9.1-yards per carry for the season. (OHIO STATE VERBAL)
<o =""></o>

Fullback – Chane Moline 6-1, 235, 4.6, <st1:city u1:st="on">Mission Viejo</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">CA</st1:state> – <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 =""></st1></st1:city> rushed for 1,872-yards, scored 40 touchdowns and averaged 8.6-yards per carry for a team with one of the toughest schedules in the country. He scored five touchdowns in the Division II Championship.

Fullback – Derrick Davis 5-10, 212, 4.5, <st1:city u1:st="on">Meridian</st1:city>, MS – <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 =""></st1></st1:city> stepped in at tailback when Cordera Eason got hurt and he rushed for 1,927-yards and scored 24 touchdowns. With both tailbacks healthy, what a powerful backfield they will have at <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Meridian</st1></st1:city>in the fall. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Fullback – Brandon Wood^ 6-1, 245, 4.6, Tallapoosa Haralson Co, GA – On film, Wood is a fabulous two-way player who rarely comes off of the field. As a monster tailback, he rushed for 1,153-yards and scored 14 touchdowns. At middle linebacker, he recorded 114 tackles and 14 sacks. He has already committed to <st1:country-region u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Georgia</st1></st1:country-region>to play middle linebacker. (GEORGIA VERBAL)<u2 =""></u2>

Slotback – Vondrell McGee^ 5-10, 180, 4.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Longview</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state></st1> – McGee broke the school single season touchdown rushing record with 27 touchdowns. He also had the second highest single season rushing record with 2,039-yards on 206 carries and a 9.9 yards per carry average. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Slotback - Terry Grant^ 5-9, 180, 4.4, Lumberton, MS – Grant rushed for 2,615-yards, scored 38 touchdowns, and averaged 9.2-yards per carry for the 2A State Champs. On film, Grant is sensational and I think that he may be even faster than a 4.4 in the forty. Grant led the State of Mississippi in rushing and scoring as a junior. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o ="">

</o> Wide Receiver – Percy Harvin^ 6-0, 186, 4.33, Virginia Beach Landstown, VA – Harvin had a fabulous junior season on both sides of the football as he caught 58 balls for 950-yards and he had 690 rushes on only 26 carries, giving him an average of 19.52-yards per touch. On defense, he recorded 10 interceptions.<u2 =""></u2>

Wide Receiver - Tony Wilson 6-0, 180, 4.38, Daytona Beach Mainland, FL – Wilson did it all as a junior as he recorded 529-yard receiving, 293-yards on punt returns, 221-yards on kickoffs, and 81-yards on three interceptions and he averaged 22.1-yards per touch on 51 touches.

Wide Receiver - Jamere Holland^ 6-1, 178, 4.32, Woodland Hills Taft, CA - Holland had a sensational junior season when he caught 34 balls for 911-yards, scored 15 touchdowns, and averaged 26.7 yards per catch. He may be the most heavily recruited player on the West Coast. He was selected to the All-City Team. He already has early offers from several schools on the West Coast. <o =""></o>

Wide Receiver - Damian Williams^ 6-1, 190, 4.5, <st1:city u1:st="on">Springdale</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">AR</st1:state> – Williams only grabbed 31 passes for 545-yards and four touchdowns for the powerful <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Springdale</st1></st1:city> team, but his team had 10 “Mercy-Rule” wins out of 13 games played. In the ten games that he played, in eight of them, he only got to play in the first half. He was still selected to the 5A All-State Team. Williams has several "big-time" offers including Arkansas, LSU, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Tennessee.

Wide Receiver – Tartavian Ingram^ 6-0, 185, 4.37, Tampa Jefferson, FL – Ingram shared the receiving duties with some other D-I players as a junior, but he still grabbed 39 balls 897-yards, 8 touchdowns, and an average of 23.0-yards per catch in helping lead his team to the 3A State Championship Game. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Wide Receiver – Jared White, 6-1, 180, 4.4, Mobile Williamson, <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">AL</st1></st1:state> – White grabbed passes for 1,200-yards, scored 13 touchdowns, and was selected to the 5A All-State Team. He is one of the top receivers in the South for the 2005 recruiting season.

Wide Receiver – Clint Renfro^ 5-11, 179, 4.4, Southlake Carroll, TX – Renfro made some incredible catches this past season and he is a lot faster than his dad Mike Renfro when he played for TCU and then in the NFL. Clint Renfro caught 72 passes for 1,454-yards, 23 touchdowns, and averaged 20.1-yards per catch.<u2 =""></u2>

Offensive Tackle – Carl Johnson^ 6-6, 330, 5.1, Durham Southern, NC – Johnson is a massive offensive lineman phenomenon who had 70 pancake blocks and who has already racked-up close to 30 offers, including Tennessee, USC, Miami, Nebraska, and Florida State.

Offensive Tackle – Aaron Brown^ 6-6, 287, 5.0, Cincinnati Princeton, OH – Brown is a two-way star who could play defense in college, but most everyone loves him at left tackle. Brown already has around 30 offers including <st1:city u1:st="on">Ohio State</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">Nebraska</st1:state>, <st1:city u1:st="on">Miami</st1:city>, USC, <st1:state u1:st="on">Michigan</st1:state>, <st1:state u1:st="on">Florida</st1:state>, <st1:state u1:st="on">Indiana</st1:state>, and <st1 =""><st1 ="">Florida</st1> State</st1>. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Offensive Tackle – Chris Stewart^ 6-5, 353, 5.3, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Klein</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state></st1> – Stewart is an offensive lineman phenomenon with excellent quickness for his massive size. He will be one of the most heavily recruited offensive linemen in the Country. He already has offers from Texas A&M, <st1:state u1:st="on">Texas</st1:state>, Notre Dame, and <st1 ="">l<st1:state u1:st="on">Michigan</st1:state></st1>.

Offensive Tackle – Andre Smith 6-5, 305, 4.9, <st1:city u1:st="on">Huffman</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">AL</st1:state> – Smith is an amazing athlete who was selected to the 6A All-State Team.

Offensive Tackle – Sam Young 6-6, 285, 5.0, Fort Lauderdale Aquinas, FL – Young was a member of the 5A All-State Team and he may be the top offensive lineman in <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Florida</st1></st1:state> in 2005.

Offensive Tackle – Doug Stroud^ 6-8, 350, 5.3, Shreveport Evangel, LA – Stroud was amazing as a junior as he pass blocked on every single play in the Evangel shotgun formation. He battled an early season injury and became the driving force on the offensive line as they won the 5A State Championship. Michigan is in the early top eight for Stroud along with UCLA, USC, Florida State, Arkansas, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Offensive Tackle – Jake Bscherer^ 6-7, 285, 5.0, Sturgeon Bay, WI – Bscherer is another offensive line phenomenon as he recorded 139 pancake blocks and gave up no sacks for the Wisconsin Division IV State Champs. (WISCONSIN VERBAL) (2006 All-American Bowl)

Offensive Tackle – Trent Williams^ 6-5, 300, 5.0, <st1:city u1:st="on">Longview</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state> – Williams may be one of the top prizes in the State of <st1 =""><st1:state u1:st="on">Texas</st1:state></st1> this year. He has excellent feet, agility, and quickness. He already has several early “big-time” offers. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Offensive Tackle - Curtis Bailey^ 6-8, 330, 5.3, Dallas Carter, TX – Bailey is a real offensive line phenomenon with unlimited upside potential. He looks like he is already ready for the NFL. He was selected to the Dallas All-Metro Team. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Offensive Tackle – Daron Rose^ 6-5, 305, 5.2, Tampa Jefferson, FL – Rose helped lead his team to the 3A State Championship Game and he graded out at 94% on his blocking assignments. He played left tackle as a junior and will probably play there again as a senior. Rose has very quick feet and he could play quick guard in college. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Offensive Tackle – D.J. Jones 6-6, 305, 5.0, Omaha Central, NE – Jones was one of the key blockers for one of the top running backs in <st1 =""><st1:state u1:st="on">Nebraska</st1:state></st1> this year. Jones has excellent footwork and he may be the #1 player in the State of <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Nebraska</st1></st1:state> for next year. I would try to use him on defense in college.

Offensive Tackle – Connor Smith 6-5, 294, 5.2, Cincinnati Colerain, OH – Smith is a tremendous run-blocker on a dominant running team and he helped lead his team to the State Championship. He already has early offers from <st1 ="">Ohio</st1> State and <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Michigan</st1></st1:state><u2 =""></u2>

Offensive Tackle - Jared Odrick 6-6, 305, 4.9, Lebanon, PA - Odrick was a very dominating offensive tackle last year as a junior and he was selected to the Large School All-State Team. He has exceptionally quick feet and he has early offers from Iowa, Maryland, Penn State, West Virginia.

Offensive Tackle – Corey Brandon^ 6-6, 265, 5.1, <st1:city u1:st="on">Corsicana</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state> – <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Brandon</st1></st1:city> is extremely quick and agile for his size and he can carry another 50 pounds on his frame. He really has been a huge recruiting surprise as he already has offers from LSU, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Oklahoma</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">Oklahoma</st1:state></st1> State, and Purdue.
<o =""></o>

Offensive Tackle – Lee Tilly^ 6-7, 315, 5.3, Springfield South, OH – Tilly has excellent quickness and feet for a huge player of his size. On film, he dominates and he is always looking downfield for a second block. He was an All-Conference player for the last two years and he graded a 98% on his blocking assignments. Georgia, Kansas, NC State, and Nebraska have already offered.<o =""></o>

Offensive Tackle - Steve Schilling 6-5, 285, 5.2, Bellevue, WA - Schilling helped lead his team to theit fourth straight 3A State Championship. He was the lead blocker for most of runs for J.R. Hasty, who signed with Washington. He is excellent leader on and off of the field and he was he was selected to the 3A All-State Team. He has around 10 offers including USC, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, and Washington State.<o =""></o>

Offensive Tackle – Bartley Webb^ 6-7, 295, 5.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Springdale</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">AR</st1:state></st1>– Webb helped lead his team to the 5A Semi-Finals and he is an excellent pass-blocker for his quarterback Mitch Mustain. Webb already has several “big-time” offers including <st1:state u1:st="on">Arkansas</st1:state>, Michigan, Clemson, Tennessee, Texas Tech, and <st1 =""><st1:state u1:st="on">Texas</st1:state></st1>

Offensive Guard – Jovan Hayes 6-3, 305, 5.2, <st1:city u1:st="on">Los Angeles</st1:city> <st1 ="">><st1:city u1:st="on">Dorsey</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">CA</st1:state></st1> – Hayes had an exceptional junior year and he was selected to the Los Angeles Times All-Central City All-Region Team, plus the Junior All-State Team.<u2 =""></u2>

Offensive Guard – Jacques McClendon, 6-4, 330, 5.1, Chattanooga Baylor, TN – McClendon was extremely impressive as a junior, and the Tennessee Volunteers have already offered him a scholarship and he has already accepted. He is the most dominant player on the field in every single game that he plays. (TENNESSEE VERBAL)

Offensive Guard – Charles Deas 6-4, 330, 4.88, Fort Lauderdale Dillard, FL – Deas is a two-way player who could play on either side of the football in college. He has excellent feet and many coaches feel that he will play in the NFL on the offensive side of the football. He recently shocked everyone with a 4.88 in the forty.<u2 =""></u2>

Offensive Guard – Rocco Sanchez 6-3, 315, 5.3, <st1:city u1:st="on">Chula Vista</st1:city> <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Otay Ranch</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">CA</st1:state></st1> – Sanchez has transferred to Otay Ranch since his junior season. He has quick feet and is considered to be one of the top offensive line prospects in the country. (2006 All-American Bowl)
<o =""></o>
Offensive Guard – John Romero^ 6-4, 300, 4.9, Tucson Salpointe Catholic, AZ – Romero is unbleivablever on film and he could turn-out to be one of the top five offensive linemen in the country. He bench presses 400 pounds and squats 575 pounds. He already has offers from <st1:state u1:st="on">Arizona</st1:state> and <st1 =""><st1 ="">Arizona</st1> State</st1>. (2006 All-American Bowl)<u2 =""></u2>

Offensive Guard - Chad Roark^ 6-3, 290, 5.0, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Ada</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">OK</st1:state></st1> – On film, Roark is a tremendous two-way player who can play on either side of the football in college. On defense, he recorded 88 tackles, 9 sacks, and recovered 3 fumbles in only 10 games. Roark also had 118 pancake blocks on offense, playing alongside his brother Craig Roark who signed with <st1 =""><st1:state u1:st="on">Nebraska</st1:state></st1>. Roark already has an offer from LSU and more are on their way. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o ="">

</o> Offensive Guard – Justin Boren 6-4, 295, 5.2, <st1:city u1:st="on">Pickerington North</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">OH</st1:state> – Boren is a very talented offensive lineman who already has offers from <st1 ="">Ohio</st1><st1 ="">State</st1> and <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Michigan</st1>

Offensive Guard – JerMarcus Ricks 6-4, 285, 5.1, Leighton Colbert Co, AL – Ricks will vie with Andre Smith as the top offensive lineman in <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Alabama</st1></st1:state>. He is very athletic, has excellent feet, and was selected to the 3A All-State Team.<u2 ="">

Offensive Guard – Buck Burnette 6-3, 315, 5.2, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Wimberly</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state></st1> – Burnette was so dominating as a junior, the Texas Longhorns have already offered him a scholarship and he has accepted. His dad played for SMU back in the Eric Dickerson days so he has excellent bloodlines. He was selected to the 3A All-State Team. (TEXAS VERBAL)

Offensive Guard – J.B. Walton 6-3, 265, 5.0, White Plains Lackey, MD – Walton is not the biggest offensive linemen in the 2005 recruiting class, but he still is one of the most polished and mechanically sound with excellent mobility, agility, and ability. He already has ten or more offers from some “big-time” schools<u2 ="">></u2>

Offensive Guard – Justin Anderson 6-4, 320, 5.2, Ocilla Irwin Co, GA – <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Anderson</st1></st1:city> is a tremendous run-blocker with a massive arm-span. He is going to be one of the top offensive linemen in the South and he already has some very impressive offers including <st1:state u1:st="on">Nebraska</st1:state>, Georgia Tech, and <st1:country-region u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Georgia</st1></st1:country-region>

<st1 =""><st1 ="">Offensive Guard - Po'u Palelei^ 6-3, 320, 5.3, Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, NV - Palelei is only a sophomore, but I thought that he was a junior when I watched him on film blocking for Demarco Murray. Palelei is "big-time" so I have decided to keep him in this Elite 125. He still is the number one offensive lineman on a team that has one of the top running backs in the country on it in Murray. Both Murray and Palelei had banner seasons last year and should team together again this year. Both made the All-Region Team.

Offensive Center - John Anest^ 6-2, 272, 5.1, Parker Ponderosa, CO - Anest may be the best pure center prospect in the entire country. His highlight film is spectacular and I can't ever remember a more dominating center. He plays on a run oriented team and he is always looking to make the second block. His team also operates about 20% out of the shotgun and he is an excellent shotgun snapper. His team won the 4A State Championship in 2003 when he was only a sophomore. As a junior, Anest was selected to the 4A All-State Team.

Offensive </st1><st1 ="">Center</st1></st1> – Jason Onyebuagu^ 6-2, 305, 4.9, Indianapolis Warren Central, IN – Onyebuagu is a tremendous athletic center who helped lead his team to the 5A State Championship in 2004 and he was selected to the 5A All-State Team. He is very impressive on film and he had 86 pancake blocks and graded out at 93% on his blocking.

<st1 =""><st1 ="">Offensive</st1> <st1 ="">Center</st1></st1> – Kevin McCaskill^ 6-3, 290, 5.2, Tallahassee Godby, FL – McCaskill is an outstanding center prospect who can play any of the other offensive line positions. On film, he is very active and very physical. McCaskill will be a rare four-year starter. He has early offers from Illinois and Louisville. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Tight End – Jermaine Gresham^ 6-7, 230, 4.55, <st1:city u1:st="on">Ardmore</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">OK</st1:state> – <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Gresham</st1></st1:city> may be the largest wide receiver on the planet. He may play tight end in college, but he is a wide receiver in high school. I think that this guy can play wide reciver in college. <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Gresham</st1></st1:city> grabbed 52 passes for 836-yards and scored four touchdowns, although he was double-teamed on every single play.<u2 =""></u2>

Tight End – Richard Dickson^ 6-4, 245, 4.65, Ocean Springs, MS – Dickson is an outstanding pass-catching tight end and he helped lead his team into the Mississippi 5A State Championship game. He is also a relentless blocker and he also had 105 tackles and 6 sacks on defense. He was selected to the 5A All-State Team and also to the All-South Team. Dickson already has several offers including Mississipppi State, Ole Miss, Memphis, and Louisville. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Tight End – Konrad Reuland 6-6, 242, 4.7, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Mission Viejo</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">CA</st1:state></st1> – Reuland is a great pass-catching tight end that grabbed 47 balls for 818-yards and 7 touchdowns.<u2 =""></u2>

Tight End – Jamie Cumbie 6-7, 255, 4.7, Morris Community, IL – Cumbie was another two-way star as he recorded 70 tackles and 9 sacks on defense and caught passes for over 300-yards on offense. As a blocking tight end, he was dominating and he was also dominating at defensive end.<u2 =""></u2>

Tight End – Britt Mitchell^ 6-5, 242, 4.7, Kilgore, TX – Mitchell may be the best blocking tight end in the country as he recorded the key block on many of the Kilgore running plays, as they were the Texas 4A State Champions with a perfect 16-0 record. (TEXAS VERBAL) (2006 All-American Bowl)<o =""></o>

Tight End - Preston Dial^ 6-4, 242, 4.6, Mobile UMS-Wright, AL - Dial is great pass-catching tight end who caught 17 balls as junior for 417-yards for a hefty 24.5 yards per catch average. He actually runs on the 4x100 relay team at 242 pounds. I really like this kid. He gave up baseball as a junior to run track so he could get faster for football. Dial has early offers from Southern Miss and West Virginia.

Utility – Stafon Johnson^ 6-0, 200, 4.4, Los Angeles Dorsey, CA – Johnson led his team to the Los Angeles City Championship Game by rushing for 1,839-yards and 17 touchdowns and an 8.6-yards per carry average. His play on defense in the secondary and return-man returns was also exceptional and he was voted MVP in his Conference. <u2 ="">

Utility – Michael Goodson^ 6-0, 185, 4.4, Klein Collins, TX – Goodson was one of the most electrifying player in the Houston Area as he rushed for 1,152-yards on 101 carries and scored 14 touchdowns while averaging 11.4-yards per carry. He also caught 11 balls for 277-yards for another 5 touchdowns and an average of 25.2-yards per catch. He finished with an average of 12.8-yards per touch and this does not even count his return yardage.<u2 ="">\</u2>

Utility – Justin Williams^ 6-2, 185, 4.5, Folkston Charlton Co, GA – Williams was an outstanding two-way player for the Georgia State Champions as he grabbed 39 passes for 810-yards, and scored 11 touchdowns on offense and recorded 33 tackles, had 5 interceptions and he ran two of the picks back for a touchdown.<u2 =""></u2>

Utility – Norman Whitley^ 5-11, 184, 4.35, Rockingham Richmond, NC – Whitley broke the State Record for All-Purpose yards in a single season with 3,540-yards. He rushed for 2,666-yards, had 268-yads receiving, and 606-yards on kickoffs. He scored 33 touchdowns rushing, 3 touchdowns receiving, and 3 more on kickoffs. On film, Whitley is simply sensational. (2006 All-American Bowl)<o ="">

</o> Utility – C.J. Spiller^ 5-11, 185, 4.3, Lake Butler Union Co, FL – Spiller is one of the fastest players in American with a 10.3 clocking in the 100m. He rushed for 1,415-yards, scored 20 touchdowns, and averaged 11.6-yards per carry. He also averaged 20-yards per catch.<u2 ="">

Utility - Dorin Dickerson^ 6-3, 208, 4.55, Imperial West Allegheny, PA - Dickserson is is a very versitale athlete who can play a lot of positions including running back, receiver, safety, and linebacker. He rushed for 1,065-yards and scored 13 touchdowns and caught passes for 517-yards and another 8 touchdowns. He could make the perfect outside linebacker at the next level. He already has early offers from Michigan, Purdue, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and Boston College.

Utility – Munir Prince^ 5-10, 180, 4.3, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Saint Louis DeSmet Catholic</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">MO</st1:state></st1> – Prince was hampered by some injuries as a junior, but he still rushed for 986-yards, caught 8 passes for 126-yards and had 21 tackles on defense as he was selected to the St Louis All-Metro Team. When this kid is healthy, he is as good a offensive threat as any kid in the country. (IOWA VERBAL) (2006 All-American Bowl)
<o ="">

</o> Utility – Brandon Heath 6-0, 180, 4.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Palm Beach Lakes</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">FL</st1:state></st1> – Heath is an exceptional athlete who can play a lot of positions at the next level. He was the "big-play" guy for his team as a junior and he will be that guy again as a senior.[font=&quot]<o =""></o>[/font]

Flanker – Adron Tennell^ 6-5, 205, 4.4, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Irving</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">TX</st1:state></st1> – Tennell is a real wide receiver phenomenon. He caught 38 passes for 823-yards, 8 touchdowns, and an average of 21.7-yards per catch on a team that highlighted the running of teammate Jamaal Evans. Tennell is also a national basketball recruit.<u2 =""></u2>

Flanker – Tim Hawthorne^ 6-3, 205, 4.44, <st1:city u1:st="on">Homewood</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">AL</st1:state> – <st1:city u1:st="on">Hawthorne</st1:city> caught 84 passes for 1,360-yards and 14 touchdowns for the <st1:state u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Alabama</st1></st1:state> 5A State Champions. He also returned 2 punts and 2 kickoffs for touchdowns. On film, this guy is totally awesome as he reminds me of another Randy Moss type player. He was also selected to the 5A All-State Team.<u2 =""></u2>

Flanker – Chris Slaughter^ 6-3, 180, 4.5, Fort Valley Peach Co, GA – Slaughter grabbed 42 balls for 1,016-yards, 14 touchdowns, and an average of 24.2-yards per catch. His highlight tape is sensational. Except for Patrick Turner, <u2 =""></u2>Tennell, Hawthorne, and Slaughter are the best big receivers that I have seen in a long time.
<o =""></o>

Flanker – Markeith Summers^ 6-4, 200, 4.45, Olive Branch, MS – Summers may be the most amazing wide receiver in the country. He only caught 21 balls for 649-yards and 7 touchdowns, but that is a fabulous average of 30.1-yards per catch and he was selected to the All-Region Team for his feats. [font=&quot]<o ="">

</o>[/font] Flanker – Daniel Lofton^ 6-2, 194, 4.45, San Diego Westview, CA – Lofton is an All-American getting ready to happen. He played at <st1 =""> Poway</st1> as a junior, but he had a separated shoulder and only played in seven games. When he was healthy, he grabbed 16 balls for 452-yards and a nice average of 28.3-yards a catch. His dad is NFL Hall of Fame great James Lofton and current wide receivers coach for the San Diego Chargers, so he certainly has great bloodlines. (2006 All-American Bowl)<u2 =""></u2>

Flanker - Vidal Hazelton 6-3, 200, 4.5, Staten Island Moore Catholic, NY - Hazelton may be the #1 player in New York this year. On offense, he grabbed 39 balls for 780-yards, scored an amazing 17 touchdowns, and averaged 20.0 yards per catch. He recorded 38 tackles and 4 picks on defense and ran 2 of them back for a touchdown. He was selected to the All-Region Team.

Flanker – Louis Sobalvarro^ 6-3, 200, 4.5, New Orleans Crescent City Baptist, LA – Sobalvarro had a sensational junior year as he grabbed 67 balls for 1,472-yards, scored 17 touchdowns, and averaged 21.9 yards per catch. If there was ever a true "small-school phenom" out there, then this kid would be the proto-type. His highlight film is simply "mind-boggling" and he is also a national recruit in basketball, averaging 22 points per game. He was selected to the New Orleans All-Metro Team. [font=&quot]<o ="">

</o>[/font] Flanker – Ricky Dixon^ 6-2, 210, 4.46, Reserve East St John, LA – <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Dixon</st1:city></st1> caught 66 passes from Ryan Perrilloux for 1,218-yards and 16 touchdowns. <st1:city u1:st="on"><st1 ="">Dixon</st1></st1:city> also had five interceptions on the defensive-side of the ball as he never came off of the field in the 5A playoffs. Next year, Dixon will take over for Perrilloux at quarterback.<u2 ="">

Flanker - Chris Fulmer^ 6-2, 185, 4.48, Nitro, WV - Fulmer was mind-boggling as a sophomore when he was selected to the 3A All-State Team when he set a State record when he grabbed 109 passes for 1,576-yards and 15 touchdowns, including 99 catches during regular season. As a junior, he grabbed 66 balls for 1,033-yards and 7 touchdowns, although his quarterback was injured for most of the season. (2006 All-American Bowl)
<u2 =""></u2>

Flanker – Kevin Hagans 6-2, 200, 4.47, <st1 =""><st1:city u1:st="on">Franklin</st1:city>, <st1:state u1:st="on">WI</st1:state></st1> – Hagans had a sensational junior year when he grabbed 38 balls for 1,098-yards and an average of 28.8-yards per catch. Hagans could be one of the top receivers in the country before he graduates.
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Quick Defensive End – Ricky Sapp 6-5, 230, 4.45, Bamberg-Ehrhardt, SC – Sapp may be the biggest and fastest defensive end in the country with a 10.6 in the 100-meters. When he is rushing the passer, he is virtually unstoppable when coming off of the edge.

Quick Defensive End – Cody Williams^ 6-5, 245, 4.5, Longview, TX – Williams alternated with two other senior defensive ends, but he was still sensational in the playoffs as he recorded 41 tackles, had 12 tackles for a loss, batted-down 6 passes, caused two fumbles, and recovered two other fumbles for a team that was Ranked #6 in the country before finishing with a 13-1 record. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Quick Defensive End – Tobi Umodu^ 6-0, 226, 4.6, West Covina South Hills, CA – Umodu recorded 72 tackles, 17 sacks, and had an interception for a touchdown. He now has 36 sacks going into his senior season in 2005. He already has several offers including one from UCLA. (UCLA VERBAL) (2006 All-American Bowl)

Quick Defensive End - Justin Hargrove 6-4, 235, 4.5, Pittsburgh Baldwin, PA - Hargrove is a sensational athlete who was injured with a high ancle sprain for most of his junior season, but when he was healthy, he pretty dominating. He plays running back, linebacker, and defensive end in high school, but he will probably play defensive end in college. He has early offers from Penn State, Pittsburgh, and West Virginia.

Strong Defensive End – Micah Johnson^ 6-3, 277, 4.7, Fort Campbell, KY – Johnson was unstoppable as he recorded 174 tackles and rushed for over 1,200-yards, getting a State rushing record by rushing for 311-yards on 38 carries in one game. He was selected to the All-South Team. Johnson may be one of the Top 10 players in the country and he has over 30 offers to prove it. (2006 All-American Bowl)

[font=&quot]<o =""></o>[/font]
Strong Defensive End – Marcus Tillman^ 6-4, 248, 4.65, Meadville Franklin Co, MS - Tillman is a big guy had he had a sensational junior season as he recorded 50 tackles, 26 tackles for a loss, and 16 sacks. He may be the top defensive player in the South. Tillman already has a lot of early offers, including LSU, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss. (2006 All-American Bowl)[font=&quot]<o =""></o>[/font]

Strong Defensive End – Tavares Brown^ 6-3, 245, 4.6, Rockingham Richmond, NC – Brown is an exceptional talent on film and he recorded 76 tackles including 8 sacks, giving him 20 sacks in two years. (2006 All-American Bowl)

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Strong Defensive End – Eddie Jones^ 6-3, 240, 4.7, Kilgore, TX – Jones was sensational as a junior as he helped lead his team to an undefeated 16-0 record and a 4A Texas State Championship. Jones recorded 131 tackles, 11 sacks for a minus 70-yards, had 8 tackles for a loss, and 15 quarterback hurries. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Strong Defensive End – Robert Rose 6-4, 240, 4.7, Cleveland Glenville, OH – Rose has started since his freshman and sophomore years at Central Catholic and then last year on a team that may be one of the Top Five programs in America. He already has an offer from Ohio State.

Quick Defensive End – Trent Pupello^ 6-4, 245, 4.7, Tampa Jefferson, FL – Pupello was a two-way super-star for his team as they made it to the 3A State Championship Game. He could play tight end or defensive end on the next level and he already has offers on both sides of the football. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Strong Defensive End – Paddy Mullen^ 6-5, 265, 4.72, St Louis De Smet, MO – Mullen played mostly defense as a junior, but he will also play tight end as a senior. He recorded 55 tackles, had 9 sacks, and 15 tackles for a loss. Mullen has his motor running for the whole 48 minutes. He has already gotten offers from Nebraska, Missouri, and Michigan State. I really like this kid. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Strong Defensive End - Jermaine Williams 6-4, 255, 4.65, Phoenix Maryvale, AZ - Williams had a great junior year and he is a real beast on either side of the ball. He is already being heavily recruited by Arizona and Arizona State and both have offered. He also averages 14 points per game in basketball as a power forward.

Strong Defensive End – Bart Eddins 6-5, 265, 4.7, Montgomery Trinity Presbyterian, AL – Eddins had an outstanding junior season as he recorded 94 tackles, including 65 solos and two sacks. He was dominant all season and he was selected to the 4A All-State Team. Eddins may play tackle at the next level, but he will be outstanding at either end or tackle. His brother Brett Eddins is on the Auburn football team.

Defensive Tackle – Clifton Geathers 6-7, 285, 4.8, Carvers Bay, SC – Geathers is a real "Freak of Nature" because he is too big to be so fast. His dad Robert Geathers and uncle Jumpy Geathers played many years in the NFL and Clifton Geathers will also.

Defensive Tackle – Chaz Washington^ 6-3, 305, 4.9, Destrehan, LA – Washington is a very impressive physical specimen and he has been a dominant force for two years. Although he was double-teamed on every play as a junior, Washington recorded 58 tackles, had 3 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles. I watched him play as a sophomore and again as a junior and he could be better than Darryl Richard who was his teammate in 2003.

Defensive Tackle – Corey Hobbs 6-5, 320, 5.0, Oviedo, FL – Hobbs had a tremendous junior season and he is considered to be the #1 lineman in Florida for the 2005 season and he can play on either side of the football. He also has excellent grades.

Defensive Tackle – Al Woods 6-4, 320, 5.0, Elton, LA – Woods is an unbelievable “small-school” phenomenon who racked-up 118 tackles as a junior and was selected to the Louisiana 1A All-State Team. He may turn-out to be one of the most heavily recruited linemen in the South. Woods is an unbelievable physical specimen who looks like he is already in the NFL.

Defensive Tackle - Leslie Stirrups^ 6-3, 305, 4.8, Tampa Hillsborough, FL - Stirrups is unbelievably talented on film as he lines up in the backfield and runs around the end at 305 pounds. On defense, Stirrups is unstoppable as he dominates every offensive lineman that he faces.

Defensive Tackle – Jason Kates^ 6-3, 320, 4.84, Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt, PA – Kates had a great junior season as he recorded 56 tackles of which 12 were for a loss, and he also recorded 6 sacks.

Defensive Tackle - Alleric Mullins^ 6-2, 300, 4.8, Carruthersville, MO - Mullins is an exceptional defensive lineman with incredible speed. He played middle linebacker as a sophomore, but as a defensive lineman, he is rarely blocked. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Defensive Tackle – Reggie Odom 6-2, 296, 5.0, Deland, FL – Odom had an exceptional junior season and he will be one of the most heavily recruited linemen in the South in 2005.

Defensive Tackle – Gerald McCoy 6-4, 290, 5.0, Oklahoma City Southeast, OK – McCoy recorded 83 tackles, 23 for a loss, had 20 sacks, one interception, and one fumble recovery.

Defensive Tackle - Jason Pinkston 6-5, 275, 4.7, Pittsburgh Baldwin, PA – Pinkston is a sensational player who recorded 106 tackles and six sacks as a junior. He can play on either side of the football, but he is destined to play defense in the NFL. He was selected to the Pittsburgh Terrific 25. Pinkston may be the best player in the country that you have not heard of. He has early offers from Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Iowa, and Maryland.
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Defensive Tackle – L.T. Walker 6-4, 285, 4.9, Wynne, AR – Walker led his team to the 4A State Championship as he recorded 62 tackles, had five sacks, and an interception.

Weak Linebacker – Thaddeus Gibson 6-3, 207, 4.3, Euclid, OH – Gibson used his tremendous speed, as a junior, to record 66 solo tackles, 17 sacks, and he had two interceptions. Gibson may be the fastest linebacker on the planet.

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Weak Linebacker – Jeremiha Hunter 6-2, 215, 4.4, Manheim Central, PA – Hunter recorded 143 tackles, 5 sacks, and 3 interceptions as he led his team to a 13-2 record and the 3A State Championship game. He also rushed for 24 touchdowns on offense. As a junior, Hunter was selected to the 3A All-State Team. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Weak Linebacker – Marcus Ball^ 6-0, 205, 4.44, Stone Mountain Stephenson, GA – Ball is an exceptional athlete and he recorded 122 tackles of which 14 were for a loss, made 7 sacks, and caused one fumble. Reggie Ball is his brother.

Quick Linebacker – Michael Morgan^ 6-3, 210, 4.5, Dallas Skyline, TX – Morgan was the best player on the field in almost every game that he played in as a junior. Morgan recorded 98 tackles, 18 sacks, caused 7 fumbles, and blocked a punt and recovered the fumble and scored the touchdown. He has early offers from Texas A&M, Oklahoma, UCLA. Texas Tech, and Purdue.

Weak Linebacker - Akeem Hebron 6-2, 200, 4.45, Wheaton Good Council, MD - Hebron was outstanding as a junior as he recorded 115 tackles, 12 sacks, and two interceptions. He also led his team to the State Championship Game. For these effords, he was selected to the All-State Team, All-Metro Team, and was the District of Columbia Player of the Year.

Inside Linebacker – Ross Homan 6-1, 230, 4.5, Coldwater, OH – Homan was sensational as a junior as he recorded 202 tackles and eight sacks. He is so intense, he trys to make every tackle and just about does. (OHIO STATE VERBAL)[font=&quot]<o =""></o>[/font]

Inside Linebacker – Brandon Jackson^ 6-3, 230, 4.56, Memphis Briarcrest Christian, TN – Jackson is one of the most impressive linebackers that I have seen on film this season. He only played in 6 games, because of an injury, but he recorded 68 tackles and 14 of them were for a loss. (OLE MISS VERBAL)(2006 All-American Bowl)

Inside Linebacker – Greg Webster 6-2, 225, 4.56, Pittsburgh Woodland Hills, PA – In a tremendous year for talent in Pennsylvania, Webster may be one of the best in the State. He recorded 134 tackles and 9 sacks and was selected to the Fabulous 22.

Inside Linebacker – Dustin Earnest 6-3, 225, 4.56, Texarkana, TX – Earnest was a total destructive machine last year as he recorded 163 tackles of which 11 were for a loss. He was his District MVP and was also selected to the 4A All-State. (TEXAS VERBAL)

Inside Linebacker - Brian Duncan^ 6-2, 235, 4.6, Baton Rouge Tara, LA - Duncan is a real aggressive player who has been playing defensive tackle, but he will move to linebacker as a senior. As a junior, he recorded 128 tackles of which 78 of them were solo. Most every team in the South is already interested in this Baton Rouge Basher who is one of the most physical football players in the country. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Inside Linebacker – Jerrell Miller 6-3, 237, 4.7, Highland Springs, VA – Miller is from the same school that produced Victor Harris, one of our Top 30 Players in the Country. Miller was selected to the All-Metro Team and already supports offers from Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Michigan. Miller could end-up being one of the TRop Five linebackers in the country.

Inside Linebacker - Gerald Munns^ 6-4, 230, 4.6, Chandler Hamilton, AZ - Munns is a real phenom at middle linebacker. He is relentless and aggressive and he trys to make every tackle. He recorded 118 tackles as a junior and had a game high 12 tackles against Salpointe in the 5A Semi-Finals, including 6 solos and then a game high 10 tackles in the 5A State Championship Game. His team was so dominating, he probably played in a total eight games for the season. Munns was selected to the All-Metro Team and the 5A All-State Team. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Strong Linebacker – Brandon Graham 6-2, 235, 4.4, Detroit Crockett, MI – Graham had an incredible junior season as he recorded 91 tackles and 20 sacks as he led his team to the Public School League Division Championship, which was the first in school history. (MICHIGAN VERBAL)

Strong Linebacker - Sergio Kindle^ 6-4, 225, 4.45, Dallas Wilson, TX – Kindle was a real sensation on offense this past fall as he rushed for 1,825-yards on 214 carries and scored 25 touchdowns with 8.5-yards per carry average. He was also completely dominating from his linebacker position as he recorded 126 tackles and 8 sacks.

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Strong Linebacker – Allen Bradford 6-1, 220, 4.5, Colton, LA – Bradford has played sensationally for two years and he has been selected to the All-CIF Team for both years. As a junior, he was selected to the Junior All-State Team. He already has offers from most every school on the West Coast, including USC, UCLA, and Cal.

Strong Linebacker – Marcus Sims^ 6-0, 219, 4.54, Tallahassee North Florida Christian, FL – Sims is a beast on both sides of the football and follows in his brother Ernie Sims footsteps. He rushed for 1,154 tough yards on offense and scored 18 touchdowns. On defense, he blocked two kicks, had 98 tackles of which 10 were for a loss, and had 4 sacks. He also was selected to the 1A All-State Team. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Strong Linebacker - Jacob Cutrera 6-4, 228, 4.5, Lafayette Acadiana, LA – Cutrera was hurt most of the 2004 season, but when he is healthy, he is a real beast. He recorded 118 tackles as a sophomore and 112 more as a junior, although he missed two games. He will be one of the top recruits in Louisiana in the 2005 recruiting season.[font=&quot]<o =""></o>[/font]

Strong Linebacker – Tim Rawlinson^ 6-1, 220, 4.5, Prattville, AL – Rawlinson helped lead his team to the 6A State Championship Game by recording 159 tackles, including 61 solo, 12 sacks, and an interception. He had a game-high 8 tackles in the Junior All-Star game and was voted as the South Defensive MVP. [font=&quot]<o =""></o>[/font]

Strong Linebacker - Jared Norton^ 6-3, 215, 4.6, Garland Rowlett, TX - Norton is one of the top linebackers in Texas this year and he is coming off of a monster junior season as he made the Dallas All-Metro Team. He already has offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Arizona, Kansas, Purdue, Oklahoma State, and Mississippi State.

Cornerback – Darrin Walls 6-1, 180, 4.4, Pittsburgh Woodland Hills, PA – Walls recorded 6 interceptions and a super cover guy who may be the #1 recruit in Western Pennsylvania in 2005. Walls is consided by many people as the #1 cornerback in the country.

Cornerback – DeAndre McDaniel^ 6-1, 190, 4.4, Tallahassee Godby, FL – McDaniel could have made this Elite 125 Team at wide receiver, cornerback, or safety. He caught 27 passes for 656-yards, 6 touchdowns, and 24.3 yards per catch average. On defense, he recorded 53 tackles, had 8 interceptions, and ran three interceptions back for a touchdown.

Cornerback – A.J. Wallace^ 6-1, 195, 4.37, Pomfret McDonough, MD – On film, Wallace is a real phenomenon as a hard-hitting cover cornerback. He recorded 67 tackles, 3 interceptions, had 12 pass breakups, a sack, and returned two punts for touchdowns. He already has several “big-time” offers including Michigan, Nebraska, and Penn State.

Cornerback – Jai Eugene^ 5-11, 180, 4.3, Destrehan, LA – Eugene played quarterback as a junior and will play it again as a senior, but he will play cornerback in college. He has run a 103 in the 100m and his blazing speed is legit. He already has several offers including LSU and Miami.

Cornerback - Leonard Hewitt^ 5-11, 170, 4.4, Lufkin, TX - Hewitt had a great junior season when he recorded 6 interceptions and was selected to the 5A All-Sate Team. There are a lot of great cover corners in the country, but Hewitt may turn-out to be the best. He also plays in one of the top programs in the country.

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Cornerback – Parrish Cox 6-0, 185, 4.4, Waco University, TX – Cox was sensational on both sides of the football as he recorded 44 catches for 679-yards on offense and recorded 9 interceptions for 320-yards and a 45.7 yards per interception average and two touchdowns.

Cornerback - Dwayne Priest^ 5-9, 185, 4.4, Roanoke Fleming, VA - This guy had an incredible season on both sides of the football as a junior. Priest recorded 98 bone-crunching tackles on defense and carried the football 65 times for 858-yards, 11 touchdowns, and a 13.2-yards per carry average. He also caught 12 passes for a 22.9 average.

Cornerback – Prince Miller^ 5-10, 180, 4.35, Duncan Byrnes, SC – Miller is an incredible athlete can play on either side of the football at the next level, but he will be playing in the NFL as a true cover cornerback. He was sensational last summer at the Hoover 7 on 7 and he was sensational again this past season with 8 interceptions.

Cornerback – Anthony Webb 6-1, 190, 4.45, Wilmer-Hutchins, TX – Webb was sensational as he recorded 31 tackles and 11 interceptions as a junior. He already has several offers from “big-time” schools.

Safety – Antwine Perez^ 6-2, 200, 4.5, Camden Woodrow Wilson, NJ – Perez is a great quarterback in high school, but he is destined for the NFL as a safety on defense. He had 2,000 yards of total offense, and accounted for 26 touchdowns, but his 56 tackles and 4 picks on defense have coaching flocking to New Jersey and he already has 30 offers. Tennessee and Virginia may be the early leaders.

Safety – Myron Rolle^ 6-3, 210, 4.5, Princeton The Hun School, NJ – Rolle rushed for 1,501-yards, scored 15 touchdowns, and averaged 10.6-yards per carry. On defense, he had 83 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 6 sacks. He also can do 24 reps of 185-pounds on the bench press. Rolle had over 40 offers before selecting his final five.

Safety – Jamar Hornsby^ 6-4, 198, 4.45, Jacksonville Sandalwood, FL – As a junior, Hornsby had 8 touchdown catches, 128 tackles, and five interceptions. He could play on either side of the football in college. On film, he is a real “smasher” on defense and he will play in the NFL in a very short time.

Safety – Riley Cooper^ 6-4, 200, 4.4, Clearwater Central, FL – Cooper had a mind-boggling junior season as he recorded 112 tackles, 5 interceptions, averaged 23.2 yards per kickoff return, and 23.7 yards per punt return. On offense, he caught 32 balls for 844-yards, scored 10 touchdowns, and averaged an amazing 26.7-yards per catch. On film, this kid is pretty sensational on both sides of the football.

Safety – Dan Kreamer^ 6-1, 198, 4.45, Shreveport Evangel, LA – Kreamer will become a very rare four-year starter for the Eagles. As a junior, he recorded 134 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 3 sacks. In the 5A State Championship victory, Kreamer recorded 15 tackles, including two touchdown-saving tackles. He also has 14 career interceptions. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Safety – Taylor Mays 6-3, 210, 4.41, Seattle O’Dea, WA – Mays is a real “freak of nature” in that he is a Washington State 100 meter champion and he patrols the O’Dea secondary with sprinters speed and vicious hits. Mays recorded 59 tackles and 5 interceptions as a junior. He may become the #1 recruit on the West Coast.

Safety - Lorenzo Edwards 6-0, 213, 4.5, Orlando Edgewater, FL - Edwards is a very aggressive safety who was very impressive at the recent US Army Combine.

Safety - Patrick Lavine^ 6-2, 210, 4.5, Houston Jersey Village, TX - Lavine is a very aggressive strong safety who had 6 interceptions as a junior and he has been an All-District player for the last years in the tough 17-5A Houston District. He is big enough for a linebacker, but he is such a great athlete, he has been playing strong safety. He was also selected to the All-Metro Team.

Safety – Chris Bell 6-3, 210, 4.5, Norfolk Granby, VA – Bell is another outstanding two-way player who can play on either side of the ball in college. He grabbed 52 balls and scored on 15 of those catches. He returned two punts for touchdowns and he had 5 picks. He was an All-State wide receiver, but I like him better on defense.

Safety – John Maddox 6-4, 200, 4.45, Philadelphia West Catholic, PA – Maddox had a fabulous junior season when he recorded 61 tackles and 10 interceptions. He already has several “big-time” offers.

Safety – Allen Walker^ 6-2, 210, 4.5, Olive Branch, MS - Walker is a sensational athlete who played four positions as a junior. On film, he is a real mauler from his free safety position and he recorded 86 tackles. On offense, he grabbed 25 balls and scored on 9 of those catches. He already has offers from LSU, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. As a junior, he was selected to the All-Region Team.

Safety – Darian Hagan^ 6-1, 185, 4.5, Los Angeles Crenshaw, CA – Hagan had a sensational junior season when he recorded 40 tackles, blocked five punts, recovered three fumbles, and had 13 interceptions.

Return Man – Kenny Beasley^ 5-11, 172, 4.3, West Orange Stark, TX – Beasley could have made this Elite 100 Team as a wide receiver, cornerback, or a return man. He caught 33 passes for 881-yards, 17 touchdowns, and an eye-popping 26.7 yards per catch. He also averaged 26.7-yards per kickoff and returned three punts for a touchdown.

Kicker - Matt Bosher^ 6-2, 180, 4.8, Jupiter, FL (MIAMI VERBAL)

Kicker - Kevin Kinsall^ 6-0, 160, 4.8, O'Fallon, IL - Kinsall is an outstanding kicker and punter. He was selected to the St Louis All-Metro Team as a junior along with being the only junior selection to the 6A All-State Team. I think that he can punt and kick at the next level. I have invited him to be the punter for the East Team in the All-American Bowl Game and he has accepted. (2006 All-American Bowl)

Kicker - Kyle Peterson^ 6-4, 190, 4.8, West Covina South Hills, CA - Peterson is an exceptional punter and kicker and he could play either or both position at the next level. His punts are extremely a high and he has great hang-time on them. I have invited him to punt for the West Team in the All-American Bowl Game and he has accepted. (2006 All-Star Bowl Game)

Kicker - Omar Gonzales^ 6-3, 180, 4.8, Dallas Skyline, TX

Kicker - Chad Cunningham^ 6-3, 210, 4.7, Dawsonville Dawson Co, GA - Cunningham is an outstanding kicking prospect and he also is a pretty good quarterback prospect. After viewing the total highlight tape, I'm not sure, but he just might be able to play quarterback at the next level.I have invited him to be the field goal kicker for the East Team in the All-American Bowl Game. (2006 All-Star Bowl Game)

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Emfinger is such a joke to me...........i think LITERALLY, but if not, atleast almost literally, half of his list or more is comprised of TX and Louisiana players.................one list had like 6 of his top 10 DT's from Louisiana.........i don't put any stock into his rankings based on his regional bias........one list i counted had like 50 players from Louisiana and about 25 from Florida and Cali combined.............i didn't bother counting this one, and i don't know if the list i'm referring to was a pre-season or post season list
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Jaxbuck said:
IIRC he had MoC listed as a FB coming out of HS as well.
which shows how much of a joke he is...

I think this has been brought up a few times, but it is nearly impossible for a national guy to really have a good opinion of all these players... jsut too many players videos to watch and you really need to see them live to get a great opinion of them..

I'll just trust our coaches :)
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osubartender23 said:
Almost every single recruiting "expert" had MoC listed as a FB so if he is a joke, every other recruiting service is too. Alot of his players are from Texas and Louisiana because HE is from there and sees those kids ALOT.

I'm not so sure that nearly all the services had him listed at a FB, but many indeed did. As for Maxipad listing a buttload of TX/LA players solely because he gets to see them more often, then why even call it a national list?
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MililaniBuckeye said:
. As for Maxipad listing a buttload of TX/LA players solely because he gets to see them more often, then why even call it a national list?
The only thing I can think of as an answer for that is because he owns his own website. I know that doesn't make it a "national recruiting" website, but how many people do you think would actually subscribe to a recruting website about Lousiana and Texas? Probably not nearly as many as now.
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In all fairness this is the most unbiased list I have ever seen done by Emfinger. IMO he gives more fair play to the rest of the nation than he normally does.

I have not posted the Honorable Mention part of the list as it is cumbersome to post b/c it inserts smilies etc....

He has a few names of interest on that list as well...

I am not going to bash this list as it looks like it took weeks and weeks to compile.
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