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Mark Snyder (Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator)

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ginnandjuice is right. Our defense will do well even without Snyder. But, I think it will obviously be even better with Snyder calling the shots, especially if he calls them (with few exceptions) like he did from the second half of the Purdue game. When we played aggressively over the last 10 quarters of the season, we shut down some very potent offenses.
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DesertBuckeye said:
This reminds me of how "Jim Tressel is the only one we offered" quotes kept popping up in stories out of OSU during our last coaching search. It is possible that Holliday was never officially offered the job but I'd say it is more likely that he was unofficially offered and both he and the school are trying to save face for the Marshall program...he out of courtesy and they out of necessity. This is just like Jon Gruden, Mike Belotti, Bob Stoops, et al were "never offered" the OSU job. Even though all of them pulled their name out of the running, I still believe that any of them would have been hired over Tressel had any of them been willing to accept it.
Actually, this sounds quite different from JT's hiring. Everyone in the semi-know, Nevada, Helping, Duane, and multiple others, having been calling Snyder from the beginning. Only some beat writer from WVU has thrown out the Holliday offer which the AD, straight out, called false.
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Leaks are starting to roll in Huntington. More and more looks like its going to be Mark

Heres a linky to some of the posted leaks..... Link

Don't know why the link isn't working but heres the Message board its under "Landon and Harper on the Coaching Situation"
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ahhh the rumor mill. a friend of a friend (you know how it goes) that has a connection to Mark Snyder says he's going down to Huntington tomorrow to accept the job.

certainly can't blame a guy for going to his dream job, but he'd be hard to replace if he does go.
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I've been crossing my fingers that Tucker would come back. I think he would, as he went to he NFL b/c he thought it would help him become the head coach at OSU someday. Here's to hoping Tucker will come back, and then stick around as the heir apparent once Tressel has gotten his fill of dominating those scUMmers.
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Instead of the sorrow that some may express, I express joy. I get a rush of invigoration when an Ohio State assistant gets a head coaching job or better position. Whether it's Arkansas State, UC or Marshall, a head coaching job is the top of the totem pole. Or your Tim Spencer's, Steve Tovar's and Mel Tuckers that move ahead in the coaching profession.It's a huge complement to Jim Tressel and Andy Geiger that other schools look to their program for the top candidates to fill their positions. Ohio State will always bring in another great protege like Paul Haynes or Darrell Hazell. I'll always root for Buckeye assistants to get great jobs, and Marshall will be a great job for Mark Snyder.
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The buzz is....there will be an 11:30 a.m. press conference on Thursday morning in Huntington to announce Mark Snyder as the new Head Coach for Marshall University. If the rumors are not true then there is a lot of people getting it wrong.
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all media outlets in hungtington/charleston wv. are reporting snyder will be announced tomorrow as the new head coach at Marshall...

just got off the phone with a charleston sportscaster and the newsconference is set for 11:30 am on thursday.....as herdude said...
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