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Marcus Vick suspended for season

A) I hope he gets his act together, and stops being a problem for the kid's sake.

But B) This is a paper tiger IMO regarding VTU. Beamer got a slew of criticizm last year for the "QB controversy" and his platoon system (which we all know too well) that ended up costing both guys and the team. This way, no controversy...one guy, all season. IMO, no Randall, no suspension...but that could just be the skeptic in me, I guess.
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Given that Vick has already had a RS year, I will give Beamer the benefit of the doubt on this one. Tech is hurting at WR, and Vick looked pretty good there last season. He certainly deserves the year off.
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BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) -- Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick was cleared Monday to rejoin the team after being suspended this season because of a night of drinking with underage girls.

The younger brother of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick joined his teammates for a meeting, re-enrolled at the university and started classes. The university and head coach Frank Beamer cleared the 20-year-old to return to all football-related activities after being suspended for the fall semester.

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Marcus Vick was arrested in February 2004, along with teammates Mike Imoh and Brenden Hill, after an encounter with 14- and 15-year-old girls at the quarterback's apartment in Blacksburg. Vick avoided jail by pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge.

Vick also pleaded guilty to reckless driving and no contest to marijuana possession after a traffic stop last summer.

"I'm excited to be back -- I missed this place," Vick said in a statement. "I know that I hurt a lot of people who only want to see me succeed. I'd like to try to make that up to them. I'm appreciative to the university and Coach Beamer for giving me this opportunity. Now I'm ready to put the past behind me and concentrate on the future."
The kid has alot of talent, I hope he can get his head together and be successful. I am thinking to myself...what if this was Troy Smith instead of Marcus Vick....would ESPN be all over his return or quiet like they are about Vick.
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Vick promises he's a new man

Oft-troubled QB seeks job in NFL


<!--ARTICLE BODY TEXT-->FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. - Marcus Vick was prepared for the extra scrutiny, knowing it came with the territory after his college years were marred by roguish, out-of-control behavior. He was ready to fess up to his mistakes, show everyone he had changed.

Still, he couldn't help but grimace at the inevitable whispers, the hushed comparisons.

Stay away from Michael Vick's little brother in the NFL draft. He's another Maurice Clarett or Lawrence Phillips waiting to happen.

That kind of hurts me," Marcus Vick said. "Maurice and Lawrence were definitely guys who had a bad past. They're not even in the league anymore. But I'm a hard worker. I'm going to keep on fighting through my ups and downs. That's the difference between me and them."

Vick is one of the most intriguing players in this weekend's draft, a talented quarterback with famous bloodlines who managed to get into all sorts of trouble at Virginia Tech.

Reckless driving. Marijuana possession. Serving alcohol to underage girls. Speeding. Driving with a suspended license. Allegations he pulled a gun on three people in a McDonald's parking lot.

On the field, Vick reacted with an obscene gesture at West Virginia when the home fans taunted him. Then, after being tackled in the Gator Bowl, he stomped on the left calf of Louisville defensive star Elvis Dumervil.

"Just because he's my brother, that doesn't give him the right to step on another player's leg during a game. It doesn't give him the right to get into some of the other situations he's gotten himself into," said Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons' Pro Bowl quarterback.

"Marcus was very immature. He thought a lot of things were going to be given to him just because he was my little brother."

The younger Vick's college career ended a year early - after he had already missed an entire season for disciplinary reasons. With basically no other options, he entered the NFL draft knowing he wasn't exactly a hot commodity.

Vick took part in the scouting combine at Indianapolis, facing hard questions about his character. But no one invited him to a personal workout or interview.

"The trend in the NFL is away from bad-character guys," said Mike Mayock, a draft analyst for the NFL Network. "The teams that have been winning a lot of games, like Pittsburgh, New England, Philadelphia, Carolina, are typically good-character teams. Teams are shying away from those other type of guys."

So, where does Mayock think Vick will be drafted?

"If he had perfect character, he would probably be a late first-day type of prospect," Mayock said, meaning the second or third round. "Given where he is today, he's probably a sixth- or seventh-round pick at best, and maybe even a priority free agent."

All Vick wants is a chance.

Over the past three months, he spent extensive time in Georgia with his older brother. Marcus and Michael have worked out together, talked football and had plenty of heart-to-heart discussions.

Hoping to ease concerns about his character, Marcus and those around him emphasize he's accepted responsibility for his actions and cleared up all legal matters.

Vick said he started attending church after getting kicked off the Virginia Tech team, looking for spiritual guidance to turn his life around.

"I think I've changed a lot. I'm always thinking about the big picture. I'm actually thinking before I react now," he said. "I want to focus my life in a different direction. The way I was doing things before was not working."
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Marcus Vick file<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=storytext bgColor=#eeeeee>Position: Quarterback
Birthdate: March 20, 1984
Age: 22
Height/weight: 6 feet/201
College: Virginia Tech

2005: First-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference quarterback who was one vote shy of being chosen the league's offensive player of the year. But he was kicked off the team after stomping on a Louisville player's leg in the Gator Bowl and running into more legal trouble.

Career: In 24 career games at Virginia Tech, Vick threw for 2,868 yards, with 19 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He also ran 184 times for 492 yards and six TDs.
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After reading that headline this song is all I can think of:

Some people say that i’m a bad guy..
They may be right, they may be right.
But it’s not as if I don’t try..
I just fuck up, try as I might

But I can change, I can change!
I can learn to keep my promises, I swear it!
I’ll open up my heart and I will share it..
Any minute now I will be born again!

Yes I can change, I can change!
I know i’ve been a dirty little bastard
I like to kill! I like to maim! Yes, I’m insane!
But it’s okay, ‘COS I CAN CHANGE!!

It’s not my fault that i’m so evil..
It’s society, society.
You see my parents were sometimes abusive..
And it made, a prick of me.

But I can change, I can change!
Satan: But what if you never change? What if you remain a sandy little butthole?
Hey Satan! Don’t be such a twit
Mother Teresa won’t have shit on me!

Here I am, just watch me change..
Here you go, i’m changing!
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I actually hope the Falcons draft him in the 6th or 7th round. As a Falcon fan I think that he has potential to be a legit NFL QB, if Michael is there to steer him in the right direction. That and if Michael gets hurt they wouldn't have to change the offense much. Especially with Schaub being traded this year or next before next year Atl. needs a capable back-up QB. The risk vs. reward with Marcus, assuming he is drafted in the last two rounds, is worth it.
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I actually hope the Falcons draft him in the 6th or 7th round. As a Falcon fan I think that he has potential to be a legit NFL QB, if Michael is there to steer him in the right direction. That and if Michael gets hurt they wouldn't have to change the offense much. Especially with Schaub being traded this year or next before next year Atl. needs a capable back-up QB. The risk vs. reward with Marcus, assuming he is drafted in the last two rounds, is worth it.

I still think the Falcons would have a better chance at a Super Bowl if they went with Schaub as the main QB and moved Vick to slash. Kind of like Ted Ginn but throws the ball more often.
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