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"LLLLLLL"oyd Carr (officialllllll thread)

Lloyd Carr - Love him or hate him?

  • Love Him

    Votes: 64 21.1%
  • Hate him

    Votes: 84 27.7%
  • Stupidest poll ever

    Votes: 155 51.2%

  • Total voters


Will Bryant
Staff member
edit (4 years later):
I didn't start this thread, or create the poll. Someone else did, deleted their post, and stuck me with the false appearance of authorship. :)

Doug Harris:

Lloyd Carr:

I ... can't stop playing with this...

Jim Tressel:

Can't stop...

Joe Paterno:
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C-Dog: I would doubt it. Anything I post that has even the slightest resemblence to anything potentially "offensive" gets editted or drilled. Since they couldn't edit the actual animation, they just blasted the thread.

And just what kind of warped Dad would send a veeper of his oldest daughter ? Oh yeah, I would...
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