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Living in Indianapolis - Moving Soon


Transfer Portal Phenom
  • Well, in a couple of weeks I am moving from Michigan to Indianapolis to take a new job. I'm starting to get pretty excited. After five years as a government employee I'm going back to the private sector where I spent my first 15 years of employment.

    Over the next year, I will be moving my family to Indianapolis. Since BuckinMichigan asked about C-bus, I thought I would see if there were any folks that could give some recommendations on Indianapolis living.

    I'm currently considering the Fischers area which is relatively close to Fort Harrison where the company I am going to be working for is located. Any help would be appreciated.
    My wife is from Indy, so I've visited there quite a few times in the last four or five years. My visits have been heavily skewed by the 'in-law' factor, so any opinions of Indy I have are probably unrealistically negative. :p

    Seriously though, it seems like a pretty good city, similar to Columbus as far as the 'metropolitan cow town' similarities. I really don't know much about different neighborhoods or parts of the city though. I do know that you'll need a Texas Tech pullover to fit in with the locals, though :roll1: :wink:
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    ashlandbuck said:
    It's about time you stop stealing taxpayer's money and start working for a living! :wink:

    Thanks Ashland anything for a former neighboring community member...I grew up in Shelby....

    What's up with Texas Tech FC, are there a lot of transplants from that area? They asked me about being a OSU fan and moving to Indiana territory already. I responded that I had taken more abuse living in Michigan for 20 years than any IU fan could ever dish out....
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