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Let's all sh!t on Bobby Sura!


Ever thus to ____ers
Staff member

It won't last long, but the media is really gouging away at Bobby's reputation here. The guy had a shot at three straight triple-doubles. Is it really such a tragedy that the other players on the court consented to let him fudge the 10th rebound, and that he was willing to do it? So it's not 110% legit. He knows it, the Nets knew it. He was even somewhat ashamed in the postgame interviews. Either way, it's not a huge deal. NBA officials ('cause I know you're all reading this): If you're really upset about it, put an asterisk next to wherever that 'record' goes in the books. But to officially discredit the final rebound is taking something that was just for one guy's pleasure and amusement and turning it into a news-worthy issue. Just change your name to the NFL, outlaw celebrations, dole out technical fouls for dunking and "intentionally" missing lay-ups. What a crock of shit. Leave Bobby alone.
Then take away Sales' UConn scoring record, and David Robinson's scoring title in '95 or whatever, and Strahan's sack record, and the touchdown that mentally handicapped kid scored in pee-wee football a few years back that made everyone cry. PISS OFF, CORKY - YOU DIDN'T EARN IT!
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vr: Those that were blatantly obvious (the UConn chick's crippled score, Sura's lame ass rebound, etc.) should be removed. The Strahan sack can't reasonably be proved without Strahan and Favre fessing up. As for the retarded kid, that wasn't for any record but rather to allow him the joy of scoring a TD in a real game...totally different. Even if the Ohio high school association overseeing that game struck the TD from the books, the kid wouldn't know any better and would still have the memory of scoring that TD.
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MililaniBuckeye said:
the kid wouldn't know any better and would still have the memory of scoring that TD.

You sure about that? Zing!

Seriously though, I dig what you're saying, I just thought it was strange that they chose to poop on Sura and not on certain other people. *shrug* Like I said, it'll be old news in about...oh, wait - it already is.
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vrbryant said:
Although I don't agree with that sentiment... I sure laughed for several minutes.

I agree that many of the other records should have been removed, especially Strahan's sack. That looked like it was coordinated by members of the WWE. Maybe this action by the NBA will lead to future false achievements from happening.
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