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K Mike Nugent (All American, Lou Groza Winner, National Champion)


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Is it just me or are we not even moving the ball enough to let Nuge have a shot at putting some points on the board? I just have not seen too many attempts this year as opposed to last year. I know our offense is struggleing but haven't we at least been in field goal range this year?

Out of pure laziness, I have not checked his official stats for this year, I am just going by what it remember and that just seems like something that we are really missing this year from last year. I recall last year he was kicking alot of field goals early in the year. Funny, last year we all wanted more TDs than FGs, but I think this year we would all be exstatic to get even a couple FGs per game.

We should be able to get the ball to the 35 yard line at least. Albeit a long attempt, I think Nuge has it in him. That would only encourage the O, just to know that they can put points up from the 35. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have TDs but at this point, a few FGs would be really welcome.
Last year after 6 games: 11/11
This year after 6 games: 8/9

I think these stats are a bit misleading. We were scoring a ton more TDs last year in the first six games, and thus didn't need to kick many FGs. This year, we don't have many FGs after six games because we're not even getting into FG position.
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I had a perfect side view of the Nuge's 53 yarder yesterday. It cleared the cross bar by at least 15 feet. It would've landed 10 rows deep if the net wasn't up. There was a breeze at his back, although the wind wasn't really that strong in the North end until you got above the C deck stands.
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Mike Nugent, best OSU kicker ever?

Not exactly shocking news but when you look at the numbers it's nice to know we are seeing a "best ever" at OSU.


Consecutive Field Goals Made
24 Mike Nugent 13 games ...... 2001-02
15 Vlade Janakievski 5 games ........ 1979-80
10 Dan Stultz 4 games .............. 2000
10 Vlade Janakievski 8 games ........ 1978-79

Field Goals Made – Career
59 Dan Stultz 91 att. ........... 1996-00
49 Tim Williams 77 att. ........... 1990-93
48 Mike Nugent 61 att. ........... 2001-03
41 Vlade Janakievski 61 att. ........... 1977-80
39 Rich Spangler 63 att. ........... 1982-85
36 Josh Jackson 49 att. ........... 1993-96
30 Pat O’Morrow 47 att. ..... 1986, 88-89

Field Goals Attempted – Season
29 Tim Williams 16 made .............. 1992
28 Mike Nugent 25 made .............. 2002
25 Dan Stultz 13 made .............. 1998
25 Dan Stultz 15 made .............. 1997
24 Dan Stultz 19 made .............. 2000
23 Pat O’Morrow 18 made .............. 1988
23 Tom Skladany 8 made ................ 1976
22 Vlade Janakievski 15 made .............. 1980
21 Vlade Janakievski 18 made .............. 1979
20 Matt Frantz 15 made .............. 1986

Field Goals Attempted – Career
91 Dan Stultz 59 made ........ 1996-00
77 Tim Williams 49 made ........ 1990-93
63 Rich Spangler 39 made ........ 1982-85
61 Mike Nugent 48 made ........ 2001-03
61 Vlade Janakievski 41 made ........ 1977-80
49 Josh Jackson 36 made ........ 1993-96
47 Pat O’Morrow 30 made .. 1986, 88-89

Field Goal Percentage – Season (Min. 5 made)
.893 Mike Nugent 25-28 .................. 2002
.857 Vlade Janakeivski 18-21 .................. 1979
.842 Mike Nugent 16-19 .................. 2003
.824 Josh Jackson 14-17 .................. 1994
.792 Dan Stultz 19-24 .................. 2000
.783 Pat O’Morrow 18-23 .................. 1988
.750 Dan Stultz 12-16 .................. 1999
.750 Paul Allen 6-8 ...................... 1983
.750 Matt Frantz 15-20 .................. 1986
.750 Tom Klaban 9-12 .................... 1974

Field Goal Percentage – Career (Min. 20 made)
.787 Mike Nugent 48-61 ............ 2001-03
.735 Josh Jackson 36-49 ............ 1993-96
.676 Matt Frantz 25-37 ............ 1986-87
.672 Vlade Janakievski 41-61 ............ 1977-80
.648 Dan Stultz 59-91 ............ 1996-00
.645 Bob Atha 20-31 ...... 1978-79, 81
.638 Pat O’Morrow 30-47 ...... 1986, 88-89

If you project out his career numbers for 2004, he will have about 20 attempts which should give him 16 more FG's this year. It will probably be much higher than that because I am using his stats as a FR.

BTW,if you take out all the numbers from his true FR season(7 of 14) he would still only need 19 FG's this year to be the all time leader in that category and his career FG% would be an unheard of .872!!!!

Like I said, it's not news that he is great, but I just like to point it out when someone is doing something historically significant at tOSU.
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Excellent research! As you say, it can easily be said that he's the best we've ever had, and could be one of the best of all-time in all of college football if he has a great senior year.
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Thanks for the feedback.

Just wanted to add a couple of things, if you take his SO and JR numbers and project them to 2004 he should hit 18 of 21 with 37 XP's in a 12 game season.

If that holds true he will finish his career with 7 more FG's than #2 on 9 less attempts. That would also put his career FGP at .805 which is nearly 3/4 of a point higher than #2 (.735).

Also, he currently has 254 career points. Pete Johnson is the all time OSU point leader with 348. Nuge only needs 95 points this year(he scored 120 and 86 the last 2 years) to become the all time leader in this category as well.

His career could end today and the case could be made he is the best ever, if he comes anywhere near his projections this year you can go ahead and paint the endzones.
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nice DDN article

OSU’s Nugent unaffected by celebrity status
Senior holds 10 OSU kicking records

By Doug Harris

Dayton Daily News

COLUMBUS — Ohio State coach Jim Tressel insists that his players engage in community service in the offseason, which means star kicker Mike Nugent has been signing autographs with increasing frequency.

Not that the polite Centerville High School graduate is complaining, mind you.

Having grown up idolizing Michael Jordan and aspiring to be like former Ohio State kicking stalwart Dan Stultz — in other words, having known what it’s like to be among the legions with pen and paper in hand — Nugent is flattered by the requests.

“A lot of times, people will ask me, ‘Do you get annoyed at this?’ ” Nugent said. “I’ll say, ‘Are you kidding? My No. 1 goal was to have someone ask me for my autograph.’ I never get tired of this.”

The unassuming senior, who will report with the rest of the Buckeyes for preseason camp today, is still surprised when someone makes the connection between his name and his football exploits.

“Sometimes in class, people will come up to me and say, ‘You had a great game,’ ” he said. “And I’ll go, ‘How’d you know that?’ ”

After two straight sparkling seasons, Nugent’s anonymity is waning. He made 25 of 28 field goals as a sophomore in 2002 and then went 16-for-19 last season.

He owns 10 kicking records at OSU, and his career field-goal percentage of .787 is easily the top mark in school history. (Only one other Buckeye exceeded the .700 plateau: Josh Jackson, who had a .735 success rate in 1993-96.)

The 5-foot-10, 170-pound Nugent has a powerful leg in addition to a surgeon’s precision, having gone 3-for-3 in his career from beyond 50 yards.

Mississippi’s Jonathan Nichols is back for his senior season after winning the Lou Groza Award last year. And the Big Ten has distinguished kickers in Minnesota’s Rhys Lloyd, Purdue’s Ben Jones and Michigan State’s David Rayner. But NFL draft analyst

Jerry Jones said Nugent stands out from the crowd.

“He’s probably the leading kicker going into the preseason,” Jones said. “He’s got very good range, and that will be immensely favorable for him.”

Three kickers were taken in the NFL draft in April, including Iowa’s Nate Kaeding in the third round. Jones believes Nugent can expect hear his named called in 2005.

“One thing you can count on with Big Ten kickers — they certainly have kicked in lousy weather and have taken on the wind and everything else,” Jones said.

Nugent has shuttled between Columbus and Youngstown this summer to spend time with friend and mentor Jeff Wilkins of the St. Louis Rams. And the All-Pro kicker withholds no secrets from his protege.

“It’s funny how much we’re alike,” Nugent said. “I’ll say something, and he’ll say, ‘I was the same way when I was where you’re at.’

“It’s great to hang out with someone like that. He’s at a place where I definitely want to be some day.”

The two regularly engage in spirited games of P-I-G, where one is pegged with a letter if he doesn’t match the other’s made kick.

“We go back and forth,” said Nugent, who noted that field goals of 65 yards are not unusual. “If you want to get someone to lose, you’ve got to go back really deep.

“It gives me confidence, knowing I’m going against one of the best. Usually, he beats me. But it’s nice to know I can hang with him.”

Nugent has picked up another of Wilkins’ passions — golf. But while the gap between the two in the kicking realm is diminishing, Wilkins exerts his dominance on the links.

“He definitely takes care of business on the golf course,” Nugent said.

Contact Doug Harris (937) 225-2125

2003 statistics
Name School Class FGM-FGA Pct.
Connor Hughes Virginia Jr. 23-25 .920
Wes Zunker New Mexico Sr. 15-17 .882
Trey DiCarlo Oklahoma Jr. 19-22 .864
Jonathan Nichols Mississippi Sr. 25-29 .862
Nick Hayes Ala.-Birmingham Sr. 17-20 .850
Mike Nugent Ohio State Sr. 16-19 .842
Ben Jones Purdue Jr. 25-30 .833
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