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Just when he can't get any crazier......

Here's the story of a lovely lady...
Who was gestating 4 very pasty girls
One of them had hair of gold, like her surrogate mother
The other three had jerry curls.

Here's the story of a man named Jacko
Who was bringing up three freaks of his own
They were 4 ghosts... All Named Michael
Wondering what the evidence will show.

Well one day the lady will have quadruplets
And you know its much more than a hunch
That if daddy goes to prison on pedophilia charges
the seven will become the "Welfare Wacko Jacko Bunch"

Wacko Bunch.. Wacko Bunch.
That's the day we all became the Wacko Bunch....

Ba da da da daa daa daa daa da!

and Elizabeth Taylor as 'Alice'
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