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Jordan McNair (OL Maryland Terrapins, R.I.P.)


Sine Labore Nihil
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Offensive tackle
Owings Mills, Maryland
Wt:276 lbs
Class:2017 (High School)

We talked earlier today about Josh Myers' visit to Columbus this past weekend. Tonight we'll introduce you to another 2017 lineman who claims a Buckeye offer: Owings Mills, Maryland's Jordan McNair. The Buckeyes are one of two offers for the 6-foot-4, 276-pound sophomore; home-state Maryland is the other. Although he's not yet been on any college visits, it makes sense that his first comes this weekend as the Buckeyes travel to College Park to take on the Terrapins. It's the first of what he hopes will be a number of upcoming visits.

"I'll be at the Ohio State and Maryland game this weekend," McNair told 11W. "Ohio State and Maryland are the two schools that have offered me. I talk to Larry Johnson, Sr. from Ohio State. He's real cool."

Since his recruiting process is just getting started, McNair is trying to learn as much as he can about the schools recruiting him. He says the Buckeyes are recruiting him as an offensive tackle, and that's fine with him. His bigger concern right now is not how a school would use him, but what each opportunity can bring to him on and off the field.

"Because of my height and my length, I think I'm definitely a tackle," he added. "For me, I'm just looking at what each program is the best fit for me. Every school has different benefits so it's going to take time to figure it all out. I'm not in any hurry and will likely decide my senior year of high school."
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Nice. Jordan is an immediate "take" if he wants in imo. Funny to think that we used to struggle so hard in MD and now it is an area of strength.
It helps having a guy that's been an amazing recruiter there for decades in LJsr and Studarawa who was just coaching the state school last year
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BN$-Another top Maryand prospect eyeing Ohio State

More of the same, enjoyed visiting Columbus for Junior Day with his father & meeting the coaches. Jordan mentions already having a great relationship with Coach Studrawa from his time at Maryland & he intends to make it back to tOSU in the spring.
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