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Joker Phillips (WR Coach Cincinnati Bearcats)

He will certainly have better graphic designers at his disposal during his time here:

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  • Wasn't he at one time being looked at for NCAA violations? during his last stint in Florida?

    yes - yes he was from wiki

    On December 3, 2012, Phillips was hired by the University of Florida as wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator.[9] In April 2014, Florida suspended Phillips for impermissible conduct with a recruit;[10] Phillips resigned in June 2014.[11] In February 2015, the NCAA ruled that Phillips committed a Level II violation that "was not inadvertent and provided more than a minimal recruiting advantage."[10] The NCAA did not penalize Florida.[10]
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    I do not choose to discuss it
    What does a Quality Control asst do?
    I think they do a lot of film study/breakdown and critique areas that need improvement (or areas that are performing well, I guess).

    Hiring a guy with a lot more experience coaching WRs to critique the current WR coach is an interesting move to say the least.

    I hope Zach Smith has been a part of these discussions and is on board with whatever plan Meyer has in mind moving forward.
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    Be cool-everyone dealing w something u don't know
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  • Brian Knorr

    Air Force Academy grad - played QB (1982-1985)
    Air Force Academy asst (1992-1995)
    Ohio University asst coach - LB & DC (1995-2000)
    Ohio University head coach (2001-2004)
    Air Force Academy (LB and asst head coach)
    Wake Forest asst coach - LB, WR and DC (2008-2014)
    Indiana Hoosiers DC & LB

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