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i hate to propose this....it is part of the reason why i stayed out of scums grill on the fab five....

but...ncaa basketball as we know it......is dead in its current form....

there are just soooo few good players available to the ncaa that can actually exist on their own for four years (let alone one or two).....

its time for the nba to move to a developmental league and separate itself from college basketball....it has become a farse in its current state...

college basketball is decades ahead of college football on this issue...
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Serenity now
Link to lawsuit:

Among the highlights, the suit ALLEGES:
-The Roslovics donated money to OSU, and at least Mr. is an alum... clearly boosters.

-Mr. Roslovic called Salyers from Biancardi's office and proposed that Salyers take care of Boban, in exchange for $1000/month plus all expenses paid by the Roslovics.

-Biancardi told Salyers to make up a story about Boban being a friend of the family, should anybody ask (i.e. cover it up).

-Salyers paid for all of Boban's expenses, including food, clothes, computer, school supplies, transportation, dental bills, course registration, etc. and was not repaid by the Roslovics, as agreed upon. With Boban being on full scholarship, this part makes NO SENSE, but anyways...

To sum it up, basically it alleges that the Roslovics (OSU boosters) and Biancardi (OB was never mentioned in the suit) set up Boban with Salyers, who would care for Boban in exchange for the Roslovics providing all expenses. Salyers is asking for $100,000 in damages. The case is supposedly scheduled to go on jury trial in August.

If these charges stick, they're VERY serious, i.e. a coach and a booster providing $$$ benefits to a player. The NCAA will hit us with Edde Martin-esque punishment.
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Honestly, I'm not heartbroken to see OB gone. The program has been on a steady decline since the final four appearance and the mediocre basketball was going to continue for many years to come as it's evident that there was no immediate light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for small universities such as Dayton, Wright State, Cincinnati and any other small Ohio school to do a better job of recruiting than tOSU.
The Buckeyes should be able to put a team on the floor year in and year out that will compete for the Big Ten title. If Gary Williams was still a Buckeye it would be happening. I have no doubt of that. OB wasn't getting this done.
Why should we expect or be happy with any less?
It was time OB moved on regardless of the current situation.
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Purveyor of Fine Sarcasm
Gotta agree with ashlandbuck here. While I would have given him another year or two (seems like recruiting has been improved last year and this year), I've not been too impressed with the results in the past 2 seasons...this one especially. I always thought Obie was a straight arrow...squeaky clean...and this, while not nearly Ed Martin dirty, is damn disgusting. Whatever his motives for providing the $6000, a coach at a major university cannot be nearly that stupid and hope to keep his job. Obie trying to justify giving the money reminds me of Neuweasel claiming that his thousands on a NCAA tournament pool didn't really matter.

If the additional allegations involving Biancardi, Savovic, and a booster are true...then I don't see how we don't get a very serious penalty from the NCAA.

I hope he is replaced by an up & coming type of coach...even if they don't stay long term. I don't see us getting a big name, save Knight (who I'm not sure if I want).
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Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
I suggest the Gary Williams lovers take a look at his record at OSU and compare it to O'Briens. 1 NCAA Tournament in 3 years and he's the standard? No conference championships? Come on now.
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Administrator Emeritus
Just your basic, very PC statement from OSU's President:

Statement from President Karen A. Holbrook regarding the termination of Coach Jim O'Brien

"I was shocked and saddened when informed of the events which led to the termination of Coach O'Brien, and can understand the sense of loss and disappointment that will be shared among the team, other coaches and athletics staff, and our students and fans.

"A serious violation of NCAA Bylaws by someone in whom the University has placed great trust and responsibility simply cannot be tolerated. Since being presented with pertinent facts, the Director of Athletics, Andy Geiger, has acted appropriately and expeditiously. I can assure you that the University is continuing to cooperate completely with the NCAA in the ongoing joint investigation.

"It is of paramount importance that Ohio State maintain its core values of academic excellence and ethical conduct. We are committed to clear, strong leadership on integrity in all academic and athletic endeavors. This principle is our guide as we see our way through this matter."

This article/letter was posted at tOSU News and Information web site 6/8/04. There will be a link to it on the front page a bit later.
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Williams spent three years at OSU. correct. Lets look at the whole picture though.
In his first four seasons at Maryland he lad losing seasons and never made a NCAA appearance. In the following 9 seasons he has made the NCAA tourney every year and won a national title. His record in the tourney over the past 9 seasons is 22-10.
If you truly want to compare the records and achievments of these two coaches you are making a mistake. There is no comparisons in what these two men have accomplished.
Is Williams a truly great coach? I don't know if you can put him in the catagory of being great, but compared to the lifetime accoplishments of OB, well there just isn't any comparisons.
How many years has OB been at OSU? Do you honestly believe that we wouldn't have done better with Williams at the helm?
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Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
There is no denying that GW has done a great job at Maryland. But he did not do a great job at OSU IMO. In his first year, we made the NCAAs and went 20-13, won one game in the tourney. The second year...20-13, NIT. The third year...19-15, NIT. He was not making huge strides(it should be noted that Eldon Miller didn't do all that bad his last three years--they were 15-14 with an NIT, 20-10 with the NCAAs, and 19-15). Williams' performance was not much better then Eldon's. Then Ayers came in(admittedly on the strength of JJ who Williams helped to recruit) and reached new levels.

OB took a terrible situation from Ayers and turned it around quickly. He made 4 straight NCAAs after the first year. He had a rough year in 03, but I truly believe that if Dials and Fuss would have stayed healthy they would have snuck into the NCAAs. Obviously last year was a disaster.

Remember too, Williams was not fired or anything. Williams left us for his alma mater. Not much we could do about that.
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Williams also came here with a terrible situation and turned it around very quickly. His accomplishments here were better than what he did at Maryland in his first three seasons. You are judging GW on three seasons which isn't fair, especially considering what he might have done with his recruits that he handed over to Ayers.
Ayers was horrible and simply lived off of the great recruits that GW brought here. OB has never brought that kind of talent here. Michael Redd was the only true great talent he managed to bring here and in all actuality that wasn't a real coup as he wasn't that highly thought of coming out of high school.
Take a nation wide poll and ask true basketball fans what coach they would rather have at their school. It wouldn't even be close.

GW did leave here for his Alma Mater, but I thought there were some rumors that some things were going on that helped facilitate his decision to return to Maryland.
I remember his press conference. He really cried! I really came away with the feeling that this guy didn't want to leave.
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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
I thought there were some rumors that some things were going on that helped facilitate his decision to return to Maryland

Supposedly he was tapping the University President's wife. Whether he first presented her with financial inducements - in clear violation of NCAA rules - is unclear.
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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
As if the $$$ part wasn't bad enough....

The woman says that Biancardi, on behalf of O'Brien, arranged for payments to the players, provided her with season tickets and asked her to introduce players to agents. She also contends she did much of Savovic's Ohio State homework his first three years.

Does anyone know for sure that Norma McGill is no longer in Ohio.....? :roll1:

Regarding the General, I just saw this on ESPN. They say timing is everything...

Bobby Knight staying put?
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