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jack greynolds' Comments


‘17 The Deuce Champ
Fantasy Baseball Champ
'18 The Deuce Champ
  • I remember Greynolds' old man coaching at Barberton. They ran us out of their gym so fast it was unreal - what a team. Doesn't sound like Junior is of the same quality.
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    Head Coach
    This guy continues to dig himself a bigger hold...He just sounds stupid, KK was not that great...He was a very solid player, that took awhile to aclamate himslef to the college game his teammtes, and college live...

    Matta has done just fine...If you ask some people, not outsiders, but people in the coaching circles they will tell you that Matta and Major do a good job with their big guys...The only problem being that they have struggled to be able to get a system they can use year in and year out due to different style of recruits and the turnover...

    Oden wasn't the happiest with his time and neither was KK...Oden had the hand injury, which hurt the ability to really be able to structure an offense around him, and while KK was here we really lacked a true center, so we had to what we had to do...Also KK playing with his back to the basket like he did here probably progressed his game more than if he would of played the PF alongside Oden...
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    Kevin Warren is an ass
    I think greynolds' made some comments without giving much thought to what he was saying and I think if he had to do it all over again he probably would not make those same comments or at least express them in a different way. We have to remember that he was Kosta's high school coach and he probably thinks that he is protecting his former player. We all know that Coach Matta did we felt was best for the Ohio State basketball program and I really don't think we need to give greynolds any more thought.
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    an imbecility, a stupidity without name
    OSUBasketballJunkie;1194891; said:
    This whole thing revolves around how KK was utilized at tOSU.....not how he was treated....it is about philosophy and it is pretty classless for a HS coach to be critical of a fellow coach via a newspaper in my opinion....

    Probably depends on one's opinion of the criticized coach.
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    "The bag or the bat, Bob?"
  • buchtelgrad04;1199924; said:
    Does anyone think his comments have anything to do Golden re-opening his commitment?

    That was my first reaction when Golden re-opened. IMO, Greynolds self-serving words are now getting into other prospects minds. But I know that Golden's re-opening was a combination of several different things, this may or may not be one of them. Similar to us losing out on prospects while Clarett ran his mouth about the program a few years back. Time will only tell though about Greynolds and his motives If Kufos isn't played in the pros the way Gryenolds wants him to be, or if he doesn't get much playing time and Greynolds b*tches about the Jazz, than we will know exactly where he stands.
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    Watching. Always watching.
    Staff member
    Remembering, of course, that the pro game is a different game. So, if KK does well in the pros and shoots the lights out with the Jazz, it doesn't necessarily make any comment on Thad Matta or the way he utilized KK at Ohio State.

    What's missing in this story, by the way, is KK telling the coach to cool it.

    KK well may need Ohio State one day. Basketball doesn't last forever and seeming fortunes can disappear very quickly. A solid relationship to the university with the largest alumni body is an asset any former player should guard jealously. His former high school coach's comments are not in KK's interest. Maybe its time he shared with his coach those four little letters that say so much in life: STFU
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