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You Enjoy Myself
Get pumped. Get excited. Get your gamefaces on. The #1 Rivalry in all sports is one week away. Those fuckin weasels come to our house with an outright Big10 title on the line. Let's send them home with their little weasel tails tucked between their little weasel legs.

Everyday when you wake up this week it is imparative that We think to our selves, what can I do to beat Michigan today. Clarett doesn't matter, last week doesn't matter, the whole season doesn't matter, just every day make sure We are doing what needs to be done to beat Michigan. So I ask you........What are you doing to beat Michigan today?
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My neighbor is a scUM fan and flys his flag every Saturday. As soon as today's game was over it mysteriously disappeared (I'll return it after Saturday)!! I'm sure we will have a blast this week outdoing one another. He just moved in this summer.
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We have scUM right where we want em!

Everyone is giving us no chance against scUM next saturday, I love it! We owe them big time! Their players have to think it will be no contest. And who could blame them for thinking, even believing it will be a easy, blow out win! We have them exactly where we want them!
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