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Is it time to change a rule in football


Is it time to change the whistle rule. In the Pro's this year it burned the Bengals aganist the Jets and in this game. If they are going to say it is a fumble why does it matter that the whistle blew. I think it is a time for a change.
If a ball is on the ground every player is taught to get on it...I meant that action after a play (contact, blocks, etc) is taught to cease after the whistle. Its a whole new can of worms if that rule is removed
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The rule is not the problem. It's the "quick whistle" that's the problem. People still bitch about how long it took to make the PI call in the NC game. Fact is. The guy made the right call. If that arrogant fuckwad would have taken the time to think shit through, rather than pointing first down Wisky, the momentum could've gone our way. Not that we deserved a win today, but damn dude. Think shit through BEFORE you make the call.

BuckNutty said:
I think they should outlaw the holding penalty. Imagine how good our O-line could be?? :pimp:
They did, but only for last year, while we were on defense.
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