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Interesting...BUT...Who Signs this Check

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by AkronBuckeye, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. AkronBuckeye

    AkronBuckeye Banned

    I found this on $ucknut$.....

    <!--StartFragment --> Youboty Rocks American Football

    BYLINE: The Analyst

    - Gears Up For US$5Million Deal

    Reports reaching The Analyst Sports Desk say a Liberian star in
    American head football, Ashton Youboty is making headway in the
    American league and that he is expected to lead his team, Buckeyes of
    Ohio State, to victory on December 29, in San Antonio, Texas.

    According to the Columbus Sports newspaper, Ashton Youboty has been a
    significant factor in most of his team's victory.

    The paper quoted the player Youboty as saying that he wants to be a
    household name in the American football.

    He has already been described by the man who he will cover in the
    grand final (Edward) as a "Great Kid" who has a long way to go.

    The Liberian head football star; is the son of the President and
    Chief Executive Officer of the Monrovia Develop and Management
    Company, (MDMC) Mr. John Youboty.

    The 20 years old Youboty, who started the season for Buckeyes as
    third corner but found himself in the starting lineup when his team
    Austin Fox suffered a broken arm.

    Since than, Youboty has started seven of the last eight game of the
    club and has established himself as a fine cover corner and one of
    the team surest tacklers.

    In recent time, the Liberian star has leaded the Buckeyes with three
    interceptions and seven passes defense. He is fifth on the team with
    54 tackles, including three for a loss and one sack.

    "He gets out there and gets picks and is all over people", Linebacker
    Hawk said. "I trust Ashton, I think he's a great player", Coach Jim
    Treasse was uncharacteristically effective in his praise.

    "I love Ashton Youboty. You know how I feel about him", he said.
    Edwards' opinion aside, Youboty's reputation might be starting to

    On Saturday at Purdue, the Boilermakers drove 80 yards for the wining
    score in the final minutes.

    Quarterback Kyle Orton completed all six of his passes on the drive,
    but not one thrown in Youboty's direction.

    Neither he or nor Tressel would say whether Youboty will be matched
    on Edwards all day, shadowing the receiver whenever goes.

    Even if that is not the case, Youboty is the lift corner in the base
    defense and the slot corner in the nickel package, which is where
    Edwards normally lines up in three-wide sets. And that's fine with
    him. He said he bears down during weeks in which he will face a
    standout receiver.

    "I think I prepare even more ", Youboty said. " More Video time, more
    film room study. I wake up the same, but just more focused. I bring
    my "A" game, pretty match".

    Meanwhile the father of the 20 years old star, John Youboty, who is
    currently in Monrovia, leave shortly for the United State of America
    to witness the showdown of his son in the final match on December 29.

    The December 29, crucial final will set the pace for Ashton Youboty
    to signed a big deal with Buckeyes of Ohio State. The deal is put at
    US$ 5Million.

    Perhaps Mo C. Is right after-all........Then again Maybe not
  2. LloydSev

    LloydSev DreamWeaver

    Wtf! Lol
  3. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    haha......say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
  4. IrontonBuck

    IrontonBuck Walk On

    Reminds me a little of Eddy Murphy in either Trading Places or Coming to America. "Merry New Year!!!!"

    Perhaps if the Buckeyes land more players from Liberia, the Ohio State-Michigan game would begin to be refered to as the "Grand Final Showdown Match".
  5. ntd

    ntd Newbie

    This is very strange...the Analyst is from Liberia, a country whose native language is English and was founded by ex-Americans. I looked on their website, and the articles are written very well, except for this one. Go to their website and look, the articles are a lot better than this piece of shit, I don't know what they were thinking

    I think they used a lot of quotes and info that somebody e-mailed them and never bothered to fact-check it. Kind of like ESPN does here.
  6. yeah except we dont play left and right corners we play field and boundary
  7. martinss01

    martinss01 blissfully stupid

    i think coach treasse would be interested in that. poor austin, bet he didn't get a 5 mill contract :(.
  8. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    yeah....thats why this article is loopy :lol:
  9. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    He has already been described by the man who he will cover in the
    grand final (Edward) as a "Great Kid" who has a long way to go.

    The problem is that I immediately knew he was talking about Braylon Edwards prior to The Game.
  10. isnt it?? :shake:

    i think its "mr such and such" but i heard that from some secret triple board who i hear is really elite
  11. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

    No respect from the world press...
  12. MolGenBuckeye

    MolGenBuckeye Senior

    The article got cut off in the last paragraph. Here's the rest:

  13. gbearbuck

    gbearbuck Herbie for President

    Come on guys... we all know Mr. Fox changed his name :wink2: :tongue2: :tongue2:

    This guy must have had a deadline of ten min. and submitted this trash so he could meet his deadline, and keep his job.
  14. they heard about tressel killing jesus too :2004:
  15. Buckinghorse

    Buckinghorse Will work for bpCash

    From ick21

    Yea but it should help recruiting

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