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Indiana Tickets for Sale - 2004

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My father and I usually travel around the country to see a couple of college football games a year, and we're considering trying to get to next weeks game against Indiana. Since OSU is now 3-3, can anyone predict how much a scalper would be selling two cheaper tickets for? In the past when we've gone to see Michigan, we've been able to pick up tickets quite cheaply (below face value when they play weaker opponents) when they're having down years. I've never been to an OSU game before, but we're hoping we might beable to pick up tickets for less than 90 bucks a piece given they're record this year. Any thoughts?
Ticket prices from scalpers go down closer to game time. There is a chance that you may not be able to find any, but if you can wait it out and are willing to take the risk...you can almost always get a ticket CLOSE to face value because at that point scalpers are liquidating.
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Coming from someone who buys scalped tickets quite frequently I have a hard time seeing you pay over $65 per ticket this weekend. There still will be many Die Hards in the stadium, but demand will be less because the fair weather fans will not want to watch a team who has lost 3 straight.
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WHEEEEEEE! Thanks so much for posting that.

It's only fourteen hours on the road. I GET TO WATCH OSU PLAY IN THE SHOE!!!


I didn't go to OSU. I've never been in Ohio unless you count the occasional hour waiting to switch planes. But after three years of my friend talking about Buckeye this and Buckeye that constantly, I watched the 2002 Michigan game just to see if I could figure out what had him so enthused week after week. I figured, what the heck, I know most of the players' names by now, I might as well see what they can do. It isn't like I'll have to decide between that and watching William and Mary on ESPN...

I was amazed at how exciting that game was, not to mention the National Championship game shortly thereafter. The sheer joy and passion for the game on the message boards kept me hooked over the summer, and by the next year I was getting the oddest looks from my friend when I started adding details to what he was telling me about various players or recruits. The spirit of the game and the tradition of Ohio State fascinate me. I still couldn't tell you what coverage I'm watching, but I'm getting there. I live near Lake M*ch*gan now and can't call it by name. Are you still a bandwagon fan if you refuse to jump off?

So, ok, things aren't quite up to snuff at the moment and the mood is gloomy around here except when the paint chippers get out of hand :biggrin:. Who the heck cares if it's "just" Indiana. So what if the team is struggling to get back on track after three heartbreaking games - they will. I don't care who starts or if Todd Boeckman burns his redshirt. All I know is I'm about to burn out the voice I'm supposed to use for narrating next week.

I repeat:


Life is good. Now, where can I get my Nuge jersey?
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