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I'd like everyone to read this. Rare "general notice".


Will Bryant
Staff member
In your User CP (link above left), there is a control bar on the left side of the screen. Down towards the bottom is a link where you can flag people as buddies, or add them to your ignore list.

If there is someone you don't like, you don't want to hear what they have to say, you want to experience this site without their influence, then use this tool. Admins and mods are not going to step in and dictate how you should talk unless they absolutely have to. You're responsible for your own words and thoughts, as are all the rest of the visitors here. If you don't like someone else's so much that they are ruining the experience here, then ignore them. It's really that simple.

If you don't want to ignore them, but do want to have a civil conversation on an issue and don't want them involved, then start a thread with the private thread feature, and elect to block them from participating. You can still see them elsewhere if they're not on ignore, but you can have your convo your way, without having to be threatened by their point of view.

I don't like everyone here. But I'd be bored to tears if I didn't listen to and debate with them. I'm not going to dictate to you how you should experience this site, but I am going to say that YOU are the one with ABSOLUTE CONTROL over it. Petulant posturing like "I don't like X, so I'm going to go to Y site instead of here...", lol, feel free! This is a website where people can come or go as they please. No one is doing me a favor by being here, and despite that, I appreciate everyone's presence anyway. But I'm not going to lose sleep if some people don't like the community and atmosphere we allow here.

If you prefer things a little more stifled, regulated, controlled and constrained -- then by all means, use the tools I've provided you, and limit your exposure. You could reasonably come here and only see and hear from 3 other people. lol, you could ignore everyone but the people you like. I don't care. Good for you, I sincerely hope you get something out of that.

Enjoy it and experience it the way you like. If even THAT offends you, then by all means, find something else that makes you happy.

And before anyone assumes they prompted this, and take it as a personal attack, lol, I have been virtually flooded over the last week in a variety of ways with people who are unhappy about other people. It's cool, it's going to happen. We're all used to mods and admins swooping in and carpetbombing everything when there's a problem. Stick your head in the sand, lol, it will go away. Even if it fails, my plan is to let people say their bit, and give everyone the tools to decide what they want to hear and when. Give individuals the tools -- well, there I go again. I can think of 7 people who will think they individually prompted this notice. Not one of you did by yourselves.
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That's some cool stuff. I'll probably never use it, just because I like to point and laugh at the idiots from time to time, even though they are few and far between here. How long before we have our first Republicans or Democrats-only thread, or before we have our first no-Tibor thread?
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I, for one, am offended at the thought of self-censorship.:wink2: How dare the mods at this site give us the option on what to read, and not read.:roll2: I'm going to go to "Y" now, and have "the man" censor everything for me. That way, I don't have to think for myself.:(
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If someone uses the private thread feature, will the person not able to participate be able to view but not respond? Or will the thread just not exist for him?
And just for the fun of it, what would happen if I put myself on my ignore list?
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MightbeaBuck said:
If someone uses the private thread feature, will the person not able to participate be able to view but not respond? Or will the thread just not exist for him?
And just for the fun of it, what would happen if I put myself on my ignore list?

Yes, they can see the thread, but not participate within. I figured if someone wanted an entirely private convo, they could do it through PM, or in special cases I might be willing to create closed and/or invisible sub-community forums for groups of people with specific needs. An example of that in practice could be parents of recruits who want a secure place to interact with one another.

The goal is not to prevent interaction of course, that would be counterproductive to a place like this. It's just all about the ability to let people define their own experience.

As far as putting yourself on an ignore list, lol, that's a good question. If it causes the universe to implode, we'll know who to blame. I also now wonder what would happen if you created a private thread and put yourself down as the person who can't participate.
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