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I Just Bought My First House!


Calmer than you are.
I closed on my first house tonight. After 6 mos. of looking, and a month and a half of negotiating, and getting shit together. I finally have my own place! It's ok to eat bologna sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner, over the next 3 months isn't it? Man I'm poor now.
I tell you truth, wise decision. My wife and I built our first house about two and a half years ago, and it's the best thing we've done. Seriously, with the way mortgage rates have been (and they're still really low), I honestly feel it's better to stretch yourself a little thin now, because in two or three or five years, you won't be able to afford the same house, simply because the rates will be higher. It was pretty tight for us for a while (hell, it probably still is, I'm just used to it by now), but oh, so worth it. I won't ever have to move. I will, but I won't have to...:biggrin:
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Congrats... we are back to renting since we moved... I forgot how much I hated it. Of course we haven't sold our house yet so we are paying rent and a mortgage... that sucks!

one of the best things about owning you house is that you can do repairs and upgrades yourself. I went crazy when we bought our first house... new floors, finished basement, new deck etc. Have fun!
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LoKyBuckeye said:
one of the best things about owning you house is that you can do repairs and upgrades yourself.
Hello ??? In a 'formal' family decision, it was determined that any repairs we had in mind done had to be FINISHED in the same decade.. so beyond changing plugs and other equally challenging tasks, I call Igor... Igor can do anything... and he actually FINISHES things... Gives me a real bad rap... I have GREAT tools... lots of 'em.. and man are they clean and shiney...

Hey Iron.. welcome to real bills... now just fill up that house with youngins... and as George Carlin says "shit"... cuz you have to fill a house with "shit.. lots of shit"... "until you have to buy another house.. because you just have TOO much shit for this one"
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Congrats!! It feels great to sit in your own house. I remember during the first week in my first house, I'd find myself just standing there looking at the walls or the yard and saying to myself "I own this. This is MINE."

I don't know where you're moving from, but I was in an apartment with very noisy neighbors. It was absolutely fantastic to sit in my house and hear nothing bangin on the walls or ceiling.

And just wait untill tax time- you'll love it then!
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I bought a house last year and i love it. Fortunately, I was able to buy it from a guy who had already fixed the place up pretty sweet, so I don't have to worry about any remodeling or anything.....Be prepared for the heat bills to knock you in the ass compared to an apartment, tho..........
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