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Humorous link - Ebay Buckeye bag


For those of you who thought I really wanted Cooper back let me point out that this post is for entertainment only. I do not want to wear a bag on my head any more than I want Cooper back. Actually, a paper bag with holes cut in it would only be bad and unpleasent. The return of Cooper would be a plastic bag that was tied very tight.

Without further ado, here is the link. Hopefully we kick PSU ass and this item gets no more bids.

Go Bucks,

P.S. – This is not a real auction. The paper bag you see displayed here is merely a five-minute project created on Microsoft Paint. However, if you are hopelessly stupid enough to bid on this, I will send you a paper bag and I suggest you wear it all the time because you have much more to be ashamed of than the Buckeyes’ woeful play this year. This advertisement is merely a dramatization of my disappointment with the 2004 Ohio State football team. CAUTION: Wearing a bag on your head may cause difficulty breathing if not properly fitted or equipped with mouth hole!

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