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  • hmmmmm ASU chicks. Makes you want to go to the Library. Funny how the dating the guys comes first and the job at U of A looks like an afterthought. I work at the other employer in Tucson. I miss Ohio sometimes, especially April, May and October. I actually like Tucson summers better than Ohio. It's a dry heat.
    I did a master's degree program at Arizona State and moved to Tucson for a year. I was dating a guy from there, and I got a job at U of A. I miss it sometimes (esp. in January and February!).
    I appreciate the constructive comments. I, too, lived in the South for a period of my life. I lived there for about a combined 5 years, between Tallahassee and St. Petersburg, FL. I attended graduate school in the South. Many of my classmates were raised in the South--Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, etc.--where their famlies had previously lived for decades and decades. Furthermore, you might say that a large area of my study focused upon the period that just barely post-dated Sherman's March, since it examined Reconstruction. So, I'm also familiar with the history.

    No offense, and I can't tell if this is the case, but if you're legitimately offended, I think it's time to get over it. I have no doubt that many of Sherman's tactics arguably constituted terrorism, but this type of terrorism is unfortantely commonplace in war. I'm sure this has been true in just about every war the US has ever been involved in. A fair historical analysis also reveals that terrorism was institutionalized by white southerners before and after the War, through Reconstruction, and into the 1960s and 70s. And even though most Southerners didn't play an active role in these forms of terrorism against enslaved and then newly freed blacks (and later Americans of all races that protested the inequities of the day), almost all remained passive and turned a blind eye to this form of terrorism. There weren't exactly a lot of innocent parties involved in the South during that period of our nation's history, just degrees of culpability.

    Furthermore, it wasn't just the South that suffered during the Civil War: suffering was universal, on both sides of the battle, North and South. If you're interested in the topic, this would be a great place to start: Amazon.com: This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War: Drew Gilpin Faust: Books. I just picked up a copy and it's gotten great reviews.

    Regardless of how unjust you feel the "War of North Aggression" may have been, it is incredibily difficult for a neutral, fair party to argue the country and the world aren't better today for it's waging than we and it would have been had secession been permitted.

    Finally, if you're still concerned about what LJ may think of my sig, I'd ask you to consider a few things. (1) Sherman didn't march on Miami; (2) Sherman was largely the general responsible for liberating slaves and effectuating Lincoln's emmancipation; (3) Sherman actually unilaterally issued a field order giving thousands of acres of land along the SC / GA coastline to newly freed slaves, in 40 acre plots, along w/ government-leased mules. Although Johnson would later revoke this field order and use Union forces to throw these former slaves off the land and return it to Southern whites (many of whom were wealthy plantation owners and Confederate loyalists), Sherman's act has been labelled the first white reparations gesture and made him a lasting hero for generations of black Americans.

    Seriously though, man, the horrors suffered upon my Irish accestors by the British were every bit if not more awful than what Sherman inflicted upon the South during wartime, but after a few hundred years, my family's let it go. I hope you'll consider these comments constructive as well.
    Watched the Wisconson game. That was fun. Actually, the whole weekend was fun. Friday I went to Mexico and Saturday I went to Phoenix. Lost of dancing and fun. Sunday and Monday I slept.

    I have a final custody agreement. I have 146 days of parenting time for the year. Not bad. It works with my schedule and the girls are in good schools. Oh by the way, my original negotiations with my ex was for 62 days of parenting time. She later renigged on the negotiations and started this year long legal crap. I guess we have proved that not only is she a bitch but she's a stupid bitch.

    I am having a lot of fun with Pryor at QB. The excitement for each game is there and the possibilities for the future are endless.

    How bout you. Waz up?

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