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How to communicate with a Miami Fan


I pulled this from the NCSU board. It's from OldTrenchFighter

Top Ten: Useful phrases for communication with Miami Fans
Posted: 10/23/04 10:13:01 am
10. "El magistrato es down yondero" (useful directions)

9. "Why yes, orange and green do create an attractive outfit." (makes the esthetically challenged feel good)

8. "...and what year did you graduate from UM?" (universal conversation ender)

7. "How's rebuilding that trailer coming?" (exhibits concern)

6. "Were you involved in the plot to kill Kennedy, too?" (demonstrates historical perspective on their alma mater)

5. "Boy, that Willie sure is a misunderstood guy" (use only if fan was not a victim of the south florida one man crime wave)

4. "What does your street agent do in the off season?" (for former, current, or prospective athletes only)

3. "Does that thing locked around your ankle bother you?" (expresses sympathy for "beekteems ub de mang".)

2. "So how do you like coming up to America?" (creates goodwill with foreigners)

1. "Please be sure you finish the hedges and leaf blowing before the game comes on." (employee relations)

I hope this will help us bond with our new conference mates in a constructive and friendly manner.