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How gullible is EdgeBuck?

Mili: "I have a feeling some serious neg reps are about to presented to tibor at no cost. Everyone keep this thread in mind the next time Rashmish offers anything to you."

I'm inclined to think that EdgeBuck is another alias, or be disappointed to think that there's someone out there stupid enough to send Tibbs money.

I only deal with the straight-forward people: in fact, I'm waiting for a brand new moped in the mail .. bought it from SalaciusBCrumb for $400!
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First off he sent the tickets and second off what's the point in being a dickwad Sloopy? I got two tickets to the first game of the year at face value and you call me a idiot? Yeah, a real big idiot. Your joke wasn't funny either.
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Edge: "Yeah, a real big idiot. Your joke wasn't funny either."

Relax, big guy. It was just a joke and wasn't aimed at you in any way. Stop pouring more sugar on your morning Cocoa Puffs and take it easy.

Nation: "edge....if you want to piss sloopy off, just call derek jeter a pussy"

Edge, if you wanna piss the Nation off, just tell him that his parents want to turn his room in the basement into a den. He'll get so worried that he might have to move out, get a job, a girlfriend, and cut down his Star Trek conventions to only 3 a year.

And Nation's reply will be: "fuck off, Sloopy." Cause he can't come up with anything else.

Nice to see you're still firmly planted on my nuts, Nation.

Edge: "If he's a Yankee fan i'm gonna throw up. I assume he's probably a Laker fan, Red Wings fan, and 49ers also."

Go ahead and throw up Edge. I heard it might make your breath smell better.

ex: "Roger Moore sold me some James Bond X-Ray glasses for $1000. I can't wait till they get here. No woman will be safe."

I bought the decoder ring-watch combo off Roger Moore for $550. What a bargain.
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tibor75 said:
what would you expect from somebody with Brent Musberger as his icon? Brent is the ultimate fair-weather fan.

OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!! Brent Musburger is the greatest college football announcer there is. + he LOVES Ohio State.

"you're looking like at the horseshoe in columbus ohio...... " (goosebumps)
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sears: "Sloopy was wishing for 27 to give him head"

Nation's been spending so much time on my nuts lately that he might as well do something useful and give head.

BSH: "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!! Brent Musburger is the greatest college football announcer there is. + he LOVES Ohio State."

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