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HLo's reputation points


Our church has no bells.
Not that I'm counting, but I just noticed that HLoMart has made a quantum leap in the reputation department. That's cool and everything, but when he dings you now, you'll be able to feel it.
DEBuckeye said:
Do "dings" by someone with high rep points count more heavily against you than by someone with lower points?

Yes and no, there are a lot of factors involved. Like how often they use reputation, whether they slant it heavily negative, heavily positive, or if there's some balance. How often they hit the same people.

I'd guess that at this point, Mili and Tibs have no impact on one another at all.

I've been thinking more about rep, and I've been wondering if the display should only be in people's profiles (meaning you have to go look for it), or as it is now which is both profiles and postbit (in the header of each post). Anyone have any opinion one way or another?
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heres an idea....how about establishing a portal through which i can travel through to kick the ass out of someone who is a complete hypocrite.....wonder who that is....maybe some dumbass who has been banned from multiple sites and has now found (regretably) a home here.....
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rugbybuck said:
I think it works fine as is. I was just curious as to how Louis went from zero to three overnight.
I noticed that too... hmmm.. maybe I accidentally hit "I approve"? :blush:

My money's on tibs. He doesn't have enough clout to pull someone's rep up like that by himself, but maybe when put together with Sean Connery and SalaciousB and his cast of thousands he can? Who knows. Maybe I'm just way off and Louis is posting such quality posts that many different people are now recognizing his genius and his value to the community and taking the time out to show him some love and... yeah it's gotta' be tibor.
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