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out of chaos comes playoffs
i hope nobody has a problem with me posting here. i can be a dick from time to time and i know it but i am basically cool about stuff as long as you aren't after my credit card number (which this site isn't).

i too was banned from sucknuts (2002-2003 recruiting season banning). my banning was due to my questioning duane's supposed inability to post on the free board but post at will on the pay board and then over some comments i made on my own site too. i never broke any of their rules or anything like that either but they still cast me aside. technically i am not allowed to post or view over there but if i click their link a few times i can almost always get through to view the threads and read all i want. nice banning software EZ.

anyways i plan on posting here more often (probably mainly on the recruiting board initially) but i wanted to make sure it was cool with the powers that be before i get rolling. i used to post predominantly on the ozone but with my new job i can hardly post at all during work hours so i need a nonscrolling board for my night time fun.

thanks for contributing to the buckeye community and providing a place for jerk off like myself to talk buckeyes with other buckeyes.


the vg
i cant speak for the powers that be.......

but dont be a tsun fan with blinders on.....
dont try to turn every thread into a tsun v tosu debate.....

well.....dont be brettgoblow......
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welcome to the board VG! i've been reading your site for a year or so now, and i enjoy the insight you bring. hopefully you can add plenty to this site as well.

by the way... remember the kids who talked to you at the Glenville-Perry game? That's me
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BrutusBobcat: just to take another shot at BN--if you're a paying member they probably won't ban you. It seems paying members have a lot more leeway. Although, I am not a paying member, and all they've done to me is delete every thread I've started or posted on. I don't think I'm actually banned yet. Well, give me some time...
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VG... I remember you from BN... yea, your welcome here.

Do you have a take on Marlin smashing the bottle on the kids face last summer... (ok, I'm stirring the pot a little, hey it's the off season and VG can be funny when you get him going on scUM :wink2: )...
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i really don't have any material saved up for marlin jackson. sure i could call him marilyn or other girlie names like that but otherwise the tank is on E. besides he gave us the great "man i'm just tired of losing to those guys" quote so he can't be all bad.

this incident does kind of sort of remind me of a bar experience with some friends from the dorms while we were either freshmen or sophs at ohio state. one or more of the osu football players was about to get into it with some tool in the bar for reasons which weren't important. me and the boys had nothing to do with any of the impending ass whipping at all. we were just there drinking our body weight in beer and trying to get laid. anyways being all die hard supporters of the program and seeing what was about to go down (unfortunately the fight not some hot ass chick) our one boy tried to intervene and stop it before it got started. he popped his head inbetween them and the osu football player just started pounding on his face. if he had his shirt pulled over his face it would have been a dead ringer for a good hockey fight. the football guy had that short sweet stroke and just drilled him repetitively and quickly until he went down (but not out). it was over in about 3 or 4 seconds and it was pretty comical from a spectators point of view and a big misunderstanding overall. the football player thought he was being charged/attacked and just reacted. no big deal, sure some blood, but no foul. never was able to determine who the player was that whipped our buddies ass though. oh well, at least he didn't use a beer bottle on our boys face (or other, more sensitive, body parts). i can still picture his head just popping in from out of nowhere with good intentions and all and then just getting beaten like lloyd carr and michigan on saturday november 20th, 2004.

these fights happen all the time, the students who go and whine to the cops are just big pussies. if you do something wrong or just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you get checked for it take it like a man and just learn your lesson. now if you get hit with a deadly weaponish beer bottle that is one thing but fisticuffs and drinking go hand in hand in that age bracket generally.
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