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Here Comes Ivan, the terrible


True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence
And the in-laws.

Family is on the way to our house. They will stay the night, have plans for a hotel in Memphis. With heavy traffic a six hour drive will turn into a 12-15 hour ordeal.

I'll ride it out. Got my batteries, food and water.
Spent the afternoon moving everything that was outside into the garage.

New Orleans could get hit with a 8 foot tidal surge. They have a forced evacuation but getting out is difficult and slow.

I am a whopping 48 feet above sea level. My worry is a window getting broken. If that happens pressure builds up in the house and there goes the roof. Electricity could be out for awhile.

Storm looks like it will hit MS and AL border but you never know.

Wish me, and all the folks on the gulf coast luck. I see another storm is forming in the tropics. Yee-haw!
Good Luck! Maybe it will turn at the last minute and head for Texas.... Charlie turned on a dime when it hit the Ft. Myers area. Don't forget to fill your bathtub with water, make extra ice cubes or buy ice, get gas if you can (pumps may not work after the storm), and crank your A/C down a little... if you lose power you house will stay cooler for an extra hour or so :)
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Keep your head down... and no matter how tempted you are... and I know that you are... Do NOT... Climb up a flagpole or a ship's Mast and Pull a "Lt. Dan."

Okay.. Now that we know the "Don'ts" I'm sure you'll be fine.
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Power is finally back on at my folks place in florida from frances... they have an ocean front place that was basically at the center (a few miles south of them was considered the center) of the huricane... funny enough no damage what-so-ever... another family member has a place in the same area and their roof went bye bye...

gas was at a premium (so be sure to fill the car), board up the windows (or better yet lock down your huricane shutters if you have them), get a bunch of water, ice, and food (also, remember to clear out your fridge if the power is out for a while... warm fish stinks a joint up quick).

Good luck, hope the storm turns on a dime and smashes into an area with a small population (or none at all would be perfect).
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NOAA Update

Thanks to some dry, fast winds in the upper atomsphere it looks like the storm will be forced even further east, maybe Mobile. The west side of the storm looks to be losing some of its organization.

We will still get hit with heavy rain and winds.
The hope is that we keep power.
New Orleans will have a curfew starting at noon.
Still expect flooding there due to NE winds pushing water over the levy.

Now the bad news.
The in-laws and the wife and kids decided to not leave home!!
The in-laws brought their cats, I am very allegric to these critters. I offered my garage. They are in the guest bathroom.
I spent quite a bit of time getting everything in the garage yesterday. My wife asked if we could move stuff around so my mother in law can park her Mercedes in the garage. I don't think so.

They made a trip to the grocery store today.
Looks like they will be staying awhile.

My understanding is once the storm gets to land it will stall and dump a great deal of rain across the southeast. These storms also kick up a lot of tornadoes on the northeast side. Good luck to all.
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Good luck Nola!!! My dad's place was nearly hit by Charlie (Naples) and my in-laws were directly hit by Frances, both places survived with minimal damage (whew!). So much luck involved in this! So, rub your buckeyes (just not in front of the in-laws)!
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Well we made it through unscathed!
It did not even rain at my house.
We still have power.
We did get some heavy winds and my pool has quite a few leaves in it.

The in-laws are still here but the airport opens at 10:00AM and I have flight to Cincinnati at 11:30. I'm gone.
Traffic into the city will be a mess.

I am supposed go to Orange Beach AL next week, I expect that one to be cancelled. It does not sound good over there.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Hurricane season extends through November.
Jeanne looks like it will make its way up the east of FLA coast and maybe go towards the Carolinas. Good luck to all.
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