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Help a nice kid out please.


Goal Goal USA!
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Hey guys. im gonna use my connections to psycho vote alterting buckeye fans to benefit my own personal glory. Theres a poll on my local news website (http://www.wetmtv.com/sports). Do you think you could do me & her a favor by voting for her to win? Her name is XXXX and she's only a freshman but she is one hell of a basketball player.

If you dont want to then just ignore me. Thanks. :)

edit: the poll is on that page......scroll down and its on the left.

edit #2: I dont want her name on here anymore.
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thanks guys. shes gained 4.8 percent so far. I'll check again later when the morning crowd gets in. thanks again guys! i know it doesnt mean anything to you....but she's pretty excited about it. this is like big time exposure for somebody who lives in east bumblefuck nowhere. :biggrin:
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