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grrr... ok i need computer help


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ok, i give up. i need help.

i got the sasser worm a month or so ago, the worm is long since gone, been cleaned out, ive run at least 3 different removal tools to be sure, ive gone into my files cleared everything, cleaned the registry, everything... its gone..

but my computer is still running like a piece of shit.. sometimes.. ive got a cable modem a 160 gb hard drive, over 1000 mb of ram a pentium 4 processor... and when it feels like it things move instantly.. but about 75 percent of the time its taking it 4 minutes to even open my home page on internet explorer.. and its been doing it ever since i got sasser... does anyone know why? or have a clue as to how to fix it?
I was having some problems a few weeks ago when sasser came out. I thought it was that worm and fortunately it was not, but the computer was incredibly slow. I tried all kinds of things and this CWShredder finally fixed it. My 14 month old turned the computer off accidentally and broke some IE files. This thing fixed it. I cannot tell you it will work for you, but it did for me.

Here is the page I went to to find it. Just click on the link. It is fast and the computer does not have to reboot.

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If you really got rid of the worm, then it may just be a case of the damage that was left behind, causing you problems. Try defragmenting your drive. I checked the other day, and my HD was 15% fragmented. It was running like shit. I defragged it, and now it runs like it's supposed to again.:groove:
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Sorry that did not do the trick. I know how frustrating it can be.

You might want to PM Clarity. He is a computer savant. Also, may want to check out some of the forums on the Microsoft site. That is where I found my solution. Lot of techies there just helping average users like me out.
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Do you have any tools like Norton's Windoctor? I am sure if you did you would have already tried that. Have tried to delete your browser history and cookies?

Is it just loading your home page, any page or does it effect other programs?
There are some freeware programs that will try to optimize your internet settings. I have tried them but they did not help much. Perhaps you are in worse shape and they may help. Search for TCPoptimizer.
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My first stop would be downloading HijackThis (link in the 'Your computer...' thread), and then taking the output to the tech site link provided. I'd describe your problem(s) in the thread you create there, and of course include the HJT output.
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