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Greatest American actor, actress, and film director of last 50 years ? (MERGED)

Director: Kubrick (no one else is close)
Actor: Brando (Eastwood, Nicholson, Hackman, Duvall, and Lemmon rate honorable mention)
Actress: Thurman (by default - most of the great American actresses flourished pre-1950)
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Director: Wells' best work was before the 50 year limit, so I also go for Kubick. Mike Nichols close second.

Actor: Robert DeNiro.
Wells, Peck, Duvall, Brando, Nicholson and Hanks honarable mention.

Actress: Meryl Streep.
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Director: Kubrick and David Lynch (John Carpenter was on the list, but his last few have sucked)

Actor: Jimmy Stewart may have been before the limit, so I'll go with Tom Hanks and Jack Nicholson (Ed Harris is also very underrated)

Actress: Talent (not looks): Kathy Bates (Michelle Pfifer has also done some good things, as has Uma; they look better, but I like Kathy's talent)
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greatest chimp actor of our time

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Director: my top....Alfred Hitchcock...he is in the fifty year window and is pure classic.
second: early spielberg

Actor: Jimmy Stewart...rear window was 1954 and that makes the fifty year goody....Leonardo Howeveryouspellit was unbelievable in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape....tom hanks has done a million different roles and that kind of separates him....cruise and others simply play the same character, just in different roles...

Actress: Juliette Lewis is good...she doesnt give a crap about hollywood....sally field was good....meryl strepthroat is good.....the ladies are handicapped as their careers are shorter and they are less able to take on controversial roles....
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I don't watch some of the classics you guys are referring to, so I will go with the ones that I grew up with.

Director - Spielberg. Has the "duds" every once in a while, but even his bad ones are better than most directors' best ones.

Actor - Sean Penn. Watched him recently in Mystic River. It was amazing to think that Spicoli has matured to this point. Closely in second place is Tom Hanks, but he seems to play the safe choices anymore.

Actress - Toughest category to pick. I would have to give the nod to Nicole Kidman with Renee Zelwegger (sp?) a very close second.
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Director-Scorsese Hon. mention-Kubrick,Michael Mann

Actor-DeNiro Honorable mention-Pacino,Nicholson,Duvall, Eastwood,Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Kingsley is unbelieveable when he chooses
Actress-tough one. Meryl Streep rates up there as does Nicole Kidman
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Taking away all the usual suspects I think one of the most underrated actors is Edward Norton. He should have won the Oscar for American History X, IMHO. Sean Penn FINALLY got recognition this year for Mystic River but should have won a long time ago for movies like I Am Sam.
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Director: Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorsese
Actor: Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino

Actress: Dianne Keaton, Talia Shire (Michael!!! You killed my husband!!!)

Prop: Severed horse head

Did you expect anything less from Luca Brasi?
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Pacino is good, but overrated. Like it really requires great skill to play the same role time and time and time and time again. Maybe in his next movie he won't yell. sure....

The best performances in the Godfather series were by James Caan and John Cazale. Khartoum had a good cameo.

Not sure why anybody would idolize a retarded gangster who proved incredibly easy to kill.
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Not sure why anybody would idolize a retarded gangster who proved incredibly easy to kill.<!-- / message -->

I won't take your bait...but I would suggest reading Mario Puzo's novel to learn the entire story of Luca.

Caan's performance was solid, but the depth of Sonny's character was not revealed enough in the movie.

Like I said, read the book for an enhanced appreciation of the tale
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