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good, bad, and the ugly



1. Ashton Yobouty has impressed the heck out of me. In a secondary that often misses tackles, he almost always makes them, even coming up to sniff out screens. He also showed great coverage skills and doesn't get burned, a must to be a great corner.

2. Hawk and Carpenter played well enough. You may point to the PI call on Hawk or some other instances- they were put in a tough spot being asked to play receivers man. I mean no linebacker in the country is going to be able to cover a receiver one on one for very long. Plus, they had to account for all the missed tackles attributable to Schlegal and the secondary minus Yobouty.


1. Troy Smith isn't that fast so I don't understand his quick trigger in terms of tucking the ball and running. Add to that fact that he needs to secure the ball as he's been lucky to recover his own fumbles.

2. Defense getting run over by Brandon Jones in the 1st half. The fact that they were able to relatively contain him in the 2nd half keeps this from going into the ugly category, but I've never seen a runningback physically run over us like that in a while. Not saying running backs haven't been successful against us recently, but they haven't run over our asses like that.

3. Last purdue GW drive- heard of blitzing. You have a gimpy Orton- why don't you put serious pressure on him from the start BEFORE he drives to the 50 yd. line?

4. On a related note to playing man coverage. While I give kudos to Snyder for realizing he needs to play man, why the hell couldn't he figure that out in the 1st half? When Trev knows what defense you need to run and you don't do it, you get the "idiot of the day" award for that foul up. You say b/c our secondary is depleted. Sorry to say but w/ our d-line purdue was going to pick us apart even if we did have our regulars in there (salley, fox) just b/c their offense IS BUILT TO ATTACK ZONES. So don't try to put the blame on injuries- this was the defensive coaches failing to realize something obvious until the 2nd half, after purdue had already put up most of their pts.


1. Key turnovers in the red zone. This was what separated Smith from Zwick, even in my eyes. He wasn't making the critical errors that were costing us points. We got on Zwick for all his turnovers, so its only fair to get on Smith for his that basically cost us the game. The truth may sometime hurt folks, but it seems that both Zwick and Smith are decent quaterbacks but that's it. Neither is a worldbeater, and definitely won't become one anytime soon in our archaic and pathetic offense.

2. Bad hands for freshman- maybe it was the cold, but the missed receptions by Lyons and Ginn that both led to interceptions hurt a lot. I hope it was just a one time deal, b/c I had heard that both especially Ginn had really good hands.

3. Tackling- Snyder said we'd be in trouble if he needs to teach his team how to tackle this late in the year. Well, memo to Snyder: get of your high horse and teach this team to tackle! Only 3-4 players seem to be consistent, while the rest continue to get juked out way too often to actually have a great defense.

4. Lastly, both our lines suck. Especially our o-line but even our d-line barely gets any pressure. Following recruiting I guess I took for granted that one of our younguns would step up to fill the role Smith/Anderson/Scott played, but I guess I was wrong. Don't give me crap about how they're getting held- guess what, EVERY D LINE IN THE COUNTRY GETS HELD. Get over it- the great ones still are able to make plays.

We shouldnt beat scUM next week, but you never know in a rivalry game. We'll see.
Good points Rob, but come on, we have a good chance against the weasels. Our kids do have heart and pride...and anything can happen next Saturday. Look at the Sparty game today against Whisky...a load of $$ lost on that 'easy win' for the cheeseheads.
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Ashton Yobouty has impressed the heck out of me

He doesn't impress me when he is coming on the blitz and he doesn't make sure the QB doesn't have the ball before breaking it off and helping the run.

Hawk and Carpenter played well enough.

I personally didn't think Hawk had a very good game. He was asked to do some things that I don't think were fair, but I don't think you can look at what he did in that game and say that he played well.

Troy Smith

...is not the answer at QB. He may be better than anything else we have, but their is no touch on his short passes which caused two turnovers, he does not run the option well, (their is no way he should have pitched that ball at the goalline, a poor read). And throwing into Double coverage is the same damn thing that got Zwick benched. He is trying to force the ball to Ginn, I have no question about it.

To sum up a couple other areas you mentioned. The D-Line is pathetic. If Worthington gets scared off by all of this Clarrett shit we are going to be in for another year of this shit. Pathetic pressure, pathetic against the run. We need to do at least one of these things well, and as some have mentioned where the hell is Simon Fraiser? The lack of a blitz on that last PU drive was mind numbing, and then when one is finally called we go for the play action fake instead of playing disciplined assignment based football as mentioned above in the Youboty comments.

In defense of Snyder, who should have at least mixed it up I am sure he was scared to death of having to play too much man because of how banged up our secondary was.

Key turnovers in the red zone

Yep. One is unacceptable, but two is the mark of a team that is playing out of control.

Bad hands for freshman

I know it is the reciever's job to catch the ball but Troy seems to have only one speed and that is a fastball (except some deep throws) when you throwing a five yard in, or slant, don't throw it like your Randy Johnson (not that you don't need to fire it, but some of those were rediculous.) Gbear called it Brett Favre sindrome, and I think that was a good analysis.

Once again I agree completely with everything you said, but part of it also is taking poor pursuit angles, and playing too high or upright.

Lastly, both our lines suck.

A-Men. Rehring I don't think I saw play as much, but it has always been more difficult for me to see the O-line play on TV because I can't see what I want to see.

scUM has a better O-Line, Better WRs, a Better RB, a Better secondary, a better QB, and probably a better DL. I see no way we beat those guys, but if we turnover the ball 4 times I will bet my house that we don't beat them.
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csskeeter just sent me this pm.....

"can you tell dem boys to git off my ej. taint no kid busts it harder then ej he has work ethic. da others go rousin at night, but no ej, he workin it hard, runnin and seein ta film."
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3. Last purdue GW drive- heard of blitzing. You have a gimpy Orton- why don't you put serious pressure on him from the start BEFORE he drives to the 50 yd. line?
did you see any pressure on either QB all game long? our blitzes were picked up most of the day, and their oline played out of their minds with orton in there.
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DiHard said:
csskeeter just sent me this pm.....

"can you tell dem boys to git off my ej. taint no kid busts it harder then ej he has work ethic. da others go rousin at night, but no ej, he workin it hard, runnin and seein ta film."
You forgot to add that he would have mentioned how EJ was lights out at Tom Shaws "workouts" and how Coach T says he will be one of the best Cover corners ever at OSU:slappy:

I honestly dont think another player on this team has dissapointed me as much as EJ has. Injuries aside he constantly is out of position and getting beat when he does play, he just doesnt look like a big ten caliber starting CB.
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